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Part 31: Not really that Thrilling

Chapter 4: Not really that Thrilling

: You're sure you don't want me to hold it for you?

: It's fine, Seth. I'm not an idiot.

: The thought had never crossed my mind.

: I'd imagine that these are Revenants, milady.

: Revenants?

: Did you say...Revenants?

: Yes, Revenants. Mean little things. They'll tear your throat out in the blink of an eye.

: But I...I'm allergic to Revenants.

: Get out there, you sissy!

So my first run of this level did not go well.

That's because these monsters, while not too much tougher than in normal, are still quite good at wearing you down, just because there's so many. You really need to make sure that no single character is open to attack from multiple sides.

: Whatever you do, don't ask her about Dysentary. I couldn't eat for a week.

Good tip.

I like being able to double enemies with Vanessa. Makes this map so much easier.

One large annoyance is this revenant that starts out on a mountain tile. Makes him a little hard to hit.

Otherwise, one bit of advice that I would give for this map is to let the enemy come at you rather than charging them too much. As I said, you don't want isolated characters on this map.

Much as I don't like the kid, I do need to train up Colm, just so his speed can stay high enough for pickpocketing.

As a reminder, this map does spawn reinforcements off the east side, along with some more zombies from the top after a short while. This is a very good map for training.

Much as the rewards aren't that great, we still need to visit every village.

Blah blah, tutorial about snags. Have an Iron Axe.

Vanessa doesn't need to knock down any trees to get where she needs to go.

As always, Artur is the go-to guy for getting rid of these Mogalls. Not a whole lot of people in this army can actually block magic, so having someone like him around is key.

As tempted as I was to give L'Arachel and company some additional chatter, there's nothing I could have done to add to her posse.

Colm picks up the kill from this bonewalker to earn himself...

Precisely what he needs.

Meanwhile, Garcia apparently wants to be an anti-magic axe user. Still, every bit of skill he can get will come in handy.

: Putrefaction?

: Oh, you don't know? It's what happens when a wound from a Revenant becomes infected. First all of your wounds start to ooze a sickly brown pus...

: Never mind. Forget I asked.

: You don't want to hear the part where your skin starts sloughing off?

: NO!

: Good! Then I'll continue.

While Vanessa gets an unpleasant earful, Gilliam's 3 speed comes back to bite him.

Metaphorically speaking, of course.

I'm having Eirika act as a wall against the lower portion.

It's working out pretty well for her.

Garcia and Gilliam will be sticking behind to deal with the reinforcements.

If he gets hit twice, he can always just have those hits bounce off instead.

Lute's magic is highly potent against these guys, needless to say. I'll have to see how she fares against humans in the next chapter.

It's nice to have javelins to toss around when you're not the sturdiest person.

Though if this level's any indication, Vanessa might be tossing javelins for a while.

Oh come now, Franz. She set you up for that kill and everything.

Oh, now you hit.

Still, can't complain about that.

So the Entombed boss. As is usual, Entombed give 100 experience to just about anybody.

100 experience for Seth is a lot more valuable than 100 experience for anyone else right now.

And with a bit of lumberjacking from Garcia, we finish them.

: Try not to breathe too hard around them. I hear that some of them are infectious.

: Oh?

: Yes, and you might want to burn your clothes and your weapons too, just to be safe. Also, that scruffy fellow is covered in scratches. We may need to put him-

: ...I think we will be fine, Lute.

: Very well. But I'm watching every one of you.

Next Time: Recruiting a dangerous crit-happy myrmidon doesn't get any easier.

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