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Part 62: Lagdou Ruins 7: The King Has Entered the Building

Aerdan posted:

Given that one slang term for aggressive (older?) women is 'battle-axe', uhh...

Now you're just reaching.

Lagdou Ruins 7: The King Has Entered the Building

And he's wearing 50 pounds of armor.

King Fado, ladies and gentlemen. Your reward for clearing the Lagdou Ruins is bringing that guy who we really knew next to nothing about back from the dead. Personally, I think I would have preferred Emperor Vigarde. He made a lot more of an impact on me, and he was also a General. Also, he's slow, he's not durable or strong enough to make a difference, and his luck is characteristically terrible. Of the bonus characters in this dungeon, King Fado is probably the worst by far.

And assisting this fellow who we hardly got to know are a bunch of people who really couldn't care less about him, except perhaps Valter. I'm sure that seeing Fado alive again is really touching for the man.

You'll notice that there's a lot of fliers here. In fact, the whole bunch of fliers is in the skies today, and why is that?

Because they're finally in a map that lets them unleash their true potential, of course. There'll be one more after this, but Lagdou Ruins floor 7 is the first map in this dungeon (both dungeons, actually) where being able to fly actually matters.

Without further ado, let's get started.

You see what I mean about fliers? These tight corridors don't mean jack when they can just go over the water.

Don't get your hopes up about Valter. This is as good as it gets this chapter.

I know a few people who could use a shot of luck, not least of which is our newest party member.

This freakin' gorgon. My first three attempts at this level, she would always petrify someone. Stone is the most obnoxious status effect in this game, just because it's a weapon, not a status staff. If you can't kill a gorgon, you are going to get rocked.

This time, however, Glen is surprisingly Stone-proof. Thank goodness for that.

These two don't have any Stone, so Natasha will be the magic tank.

Don't have to tank if you don't get hit, of course.


There aren't a lot of archers on this map, but you do want to shut down the ones who are here. Only two Fili Shields to go around, and we've got seven fliers: two Falcoknights, two Wyvern Knights, two Wyvern Lords, and Myrrh.

Valter, of course, just loves the Pierce skill. I don't think Vanessa used it once, which makes sense when you consider that it's a percentage based on the user's level.

Alright, Cormag! Bringing in another 20/20.

You scumbag.

Natasha: continuing to not get hit.

I'm okay with this.

And Vanessa starts her leveling spree as a promoted unit.

Well done, girl!

Of course, Tana could do that five times over.

Oh yeah, there are reinforcements. Arch Mogalls are fine, really, when you consider that Gwyllgi can potentially be one of the spawns. Have I mentioned how much I hate those?

At least Vanessa can kill these things without getting herself wasted.

Though I think that it was a waste bringing her.

Down below, L'Arachel is doing Natasha's job.

Now that's a windfall, ain't it?

Oh yeah, and there's an archer with a longbow, because why not?

Not like there's any real problem with that.

Don't know why, but the Arch Mogalls sometimes have the Mogall's weapon instead. I'm not complaining.

Cormag's got some serious competition in his own brother.

There is one redeeming trait about Fado, by the way:

Since all the enemies in the Ruins are at a very high level, Fado has a very high chance of just ignoring damage altogether.

Who cares if he can't take a magical hit when he doesn't take them?

More reinforcements, more levels.

Vanessa really likes speed and skill. Too bad that she doesn't get a critical bonus, because she'd make a decent Swordmaster.

You ready? It's time for another 20/20.

That's a perfect level. I'm serious, those are the only things she hasn't capped.

When Myrrh isn't killing big threats to the team, she's a good magic tank too.

And Glen continues to not be turned to stone. Considering that Natasha kept getting hit on 25% chances at the start of the level, this is nothing short of miraculous.

Also, I'm not going to actually loot this chest. It's a nice chest and all, but...

White Gem: 20%
Blue Gem: 50%
Red Gem: 30%

Yeah, not really worth it.

More killing.

Not more speed.

Natasha has been very helpful in this chapter, for many reasons.

But boy, is she slow. I'm glad she's fixing that.

Not much to say. We're just clearing out the boss's area.

Don't worry about the poisoning. She'll replace that with a new status ailment in a second.

So many opportunities for instant death when it comes to Valter. Guy needs to pack on the luck.

Or at the very least, get something other than HP.

Syrene must feel a little sad, what with everyone stealing her kills.

But to be honest, it's less kill-stealing and more saving her from a horrible and embarrassing death. What were they thinking with her?

I mean, at least Vanessa has the potential to perhaps dodge something.

While we're dealing with the bad guys down below, the group up top is clearing out the remainder in the top.

Jeez, look at that healing radius. I think people on other planets are getting their wounds sealed up.

It's so good to have an enemy that doesn't do 25+ damage.

Glen doesn't like the enemy mages any more than I do.

Oh boy, here we go.

On the plus side, this allows us to see the gorgon crit animation. I wish that I'd recorded the audio of that, because the shriek it does is actually rather unsettling.

Unfortunately, since enemies keep popping up in the same spot, Myrrh has to remain in petrifying range.

Meanwhile, we've got a situation on a bridge.

The situation is that Syrene sucks.


Hey Shadowshot guy, get out of here.

Another 20/20. I hope you guys are happy.

'Cause I'm not.

...But she's already petrified! That doesn't make sense!

I can agree with this treasure. Elixirs are more useful than some weapons.

I'm just going to see how far this goes. Spoiler: she gets shot all five times, even when Cormag's right next to her.


Vanessa's come a long way.

Even without strength, she's got moves.

I don't know why this happens. Is Stone different from other status ailments somehow?

Get out of here, monster. You're obviously drunk.

Ooh, baby! The Black Gem only shows up here, and it's worth 15,000G. That's a pretty nice haul, and there's an even higher denomination.

This happened too, I guess.

Let's move on.

I'll see you guys on floor 8.

Next Time: Back to back flier levels, and Fado's still coming. This is going to be fun.


Class: General
Weapon Ranks: A in swords, lances, and axes
Affinity: Fire

HP: 46 (85%) Lck: 5 (25%)
Str: 20 (55%) Def: 18 (45%)
Skl: 14 (40%) Res: 11 (25%)
Spd: 12 (30%) Con: 18

The only real thing I can say in favor of Fado is that he's pretty much invincible against being weighed down by any weapon in this game. Otherwise, he's slow, his movement is low, he can barely hit anything, and his defense isn't even that great. Sure, if you level him, he might be worth something, but he's only got a few levels on him. I wouldn't use him if I didn't have to.