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Part 88: Dozla - Ewan, Myrrh, Rennac

By the way, since I've unlocked all the characters, thanks to the infinite Dragonstones I showed off earlier, the next few postgame updates should come a lot faster. In the meantime, here's everyone's favorite slightly unhinged, and perhaps Dwarvish, berserker Dozla.

Supports - Dozla


Affinity: Light

Starting Points: 0
Points per turn: 3
Turns to A Rank: 80

Attack: +0.5
Defense: +1
Accuracy: +2.5
Avoid: +2.5
Critical: +5
Critical Evade: +2.5

C Support

: Hello, laddie.

: Oh, hi! Uh...

: Gwah ha ha! The name's Dozla.

: I'm Ewan. It's nice to meet you, Dozla, sir!

: Aren't you a little bundle of energy? I bet you're a regular troublemaker. So, what were you so lost in thought over? You having any problems?

: Nope, nothing. I don't have any problems. I was thinking of something interesting. You want to hear about it?

: Sure. Tell me everything.

: Well, I was thinking of how much fun it would be if I could do something...

: Uh-huh.

: Some battlegrounds are full of plants and stuff, but others are dreary and dead.

: Yeah.

: If a place like that were suddenly filled with beautiful colors, it'd be neat, right? Like if it could suddenly become a flower garden?

: Ho ho, a battleground becoming a lovely flower garden? Aye, that would be nice. It would help heal the hearts and minds of the soldiers. But how would you do it? Do you have some sort of magical powers or something?

: Yeah, I do, but I've decided that wouldn't be the best way. If I did that, people would be more impressed by the magic than by the flowers. I think it would be better to make it something that anyone could do and enjoy.

: Oh... It's all too difficult for me to follow, but it sure sounds like a nice dream. If you could pull it off, I'm sure people would really enjoy it.

: Ha ha... I haven't really thought much about how I would do it. I was just thinking how nice it would be, that's all.

: Gwah ha ha! That's fine. That's what young people are supposed to do. Many great things come from the daydreams of youth.

: Really? Do you think so? All right! I like you, mister.

: Gwah ha ha! Is that so?

: Yep. And I'm going to call you Uncle Dozla from now on! It's about time for me to get going. I'll talk to you later, Uncle Dozla!

: All right, laddie! Till next time!

B Support

: Ho, laddie.

: Uncle Dozla!

: So, you're in high spirits today?

: Yep! I'm always in high spirits. How about you, Uncle?

: Oh, I'm doing as well as can be expected. I'm a bit tired, actually. I'm a bit closer to the ground than everyone else, so my legs tire easily. Gwah ha! It would be nice if there were an easier way to move around, wouldn't it?

: Oh, that reminds me. I've been thinking of something. Do you want to hear about it?

: What's this? Have you come up with yet another fabulous idea?

: Yep!

: Well, what is it?

: Coaches! You're familiar with coaches, right?

: Uh-huh.

: And we've got a coach in our convoy because it can carry people and supplies.

: Yeah, they're useful enough. They're nice if you're traveling far with wounded men, children, and whatnot. But without roads, they're almost useless, and forget about dense forests. Oh, and they can be quite vulnerable in a battle. Not very useful at all, really.

: Exactly! So I was thinking about coaches that could travel in the air...

: What's that? Are you talking about using pegasus knights?

: That's what I was thinking at first. But you know, that probably wouldn't work. I mean, a pegasus can get mighty picky about who it lets ride him, right? I haven't really thought about how to actually make a flying coach, but... But wouldn't it be amazing if one really existed? It would be fast, and all that stuff like bad roads and forests wouldn't matter!

: Ho ho ho ho!

: And even if people lived far apart, they could visit one another quickly! What do you think?

: Gwah ha ha! It's fantastic! And it would be useful, that's for sure! Sounds like fun, too. I'd sure love to ride about in a flying coach. Think about it--the land spread out below, glittering dawn skies...and the wind! Ah, it all sounds like a dream.

: I hope it becomes reality someday.

: Me, too. I like the way your mind works, laddie. Let's talk more later.

: Yep!

A Support

: Ah, Uncle Dozla. Listen to this, will you? I've been thinking about something new.

: Ooh, I can hardly wait.

: Imagine people far away from each other talking.

: Far away? You mean, like, if you and I were maybe...100 paces apart?

: Nope. Farther than that.

: All right, 1,000 paces!

: Not even close. Farther still!

: 10,000 paces? You must be kidding.

: No, I'm not. And even farther than that! For example... What if one person were in Frelia, and the other person were in Rausten?

: What?!

: That's right! Anyone you could think of, you could talk to. I read about magical devices that could do the same thing, but... Wouldn't it be better if anyone could do it, and not just mages?

: Impressive! I think I see it... People could send and receive important messages instantly, is that it?

: No, even better than that! I'm not talking about just sending messages back and forth. I mean like if they could talk, just like you and I are now! We wouldn't need messengers at all! It would all happen instantly!

: I just can't wrap my head around this one, laddie. It's too much for me.

: Great, isn't it? You could contact your people in Rausten from anywhere, at any time!

: My, oh my... You've got quite an imagination, don't you? The things you come up with always surprise me, laddie.

: Ha ha ha. I used to get in trouble for always thinking up these outlandish things.

: Gwah ha ha! That's a shame, laddie. After all, I'm sure a lot of the things we have now seemed outlandish once. If nobody dreamed, nothing new would ever be created, would it?

: Uncle Dozla... You always have time to listen to my ideas, Uncle. It makes me really happy.

: It's always worth the time to listen to you youngsters and your ideas. It's sad, but I know people who are so busy that they've no time to spare. But me, I've got time. As you know, I'm one of Princess L'Arachel's men. I'm not the brightest fellow around, so she doesn't give me a lot to do. But that gives me lots of free time, and I'm always happy to spend it with you.

: Thank you. I think you're the best, Uncle Dozla!

: Gwah ha ha! What a nice thing to say. And I think you're the best, laddie. I think when you're fully grown, you're going to be a great and interesting man.

: Do you really think so?

: I do. It's that sparkle in your eyes that convinces me.

: Yahoo! Ha ha ha.

: I'm looking forward to the day when I see one of your ideas made reality.

: And that day will surely come. It's weird...but there are times when I can almost picture a world like that.

: Gwah ha ha! Now that would be something. I'll have to make sure I live long enough to see it.

: Yep! And you'll have to stay my friend, too!

: Well, of course!


Affinity: Wind

Starting Points: 0
Points per turn: 2
Turns to A Rank: 120

Attack: +0.5
Defense: +0.5
Accuracy: +2.5
Avoid: +2.5
Critical: +5
Critical Evade: +5

C Support

: Oh! You there, lassie. Are you lost?

: I... I'm not lost. I'm traveling with Ephraim. I'm his...friend.

: Oho! In that case, you and I are allies, are we not? My name's Dozla. It's an honor to meet you!

: Uh-huh...

: Gwah ha ha! You're a quiet lassie, aren't you? And you're so tiny, too. Seeing you takes me back to the days when Princess L'Arachel was a child. Tell me, lassie, how old are you?

: ... It's impolite to ask a woman her age. That's what Ephraim says. I think you're being rude.

: Gwah ha ha! Aren't you the sassy one! You're still young. I don't think you need to worry about age just yet.

: And how old are you?

: Me? I'm all of forty-seven years old.

: And I am... 1,200 years old. Roughly.

: Huh? Gwah ha ha! Stop teasing me, lassie! You don't have to be shy. Just tell me how old you are.

: I did. And I said I'm 1,200... Roughly.

B Support

: Hrmph! Princess L'Arachel! Princess L'Arachel! Where are you?

: ......

: Oh, lassie. What luck meeting you here. Do you know where I might find Princess L'Arachel?

: ...I do not. But that's not important. Where is Ephraim?

: If it's Prince Ephraim you're after, just follow the sounds of combat! There's no better way to motivate your troops than to stand by their side!

: That L'Arachel person is probably with Ephraim. I saw her next to him speaking to him on quite familiar terms. For some reason, it made my chest feel...funny.

: Gwah ha ha! It must be love!

: Love? This feeling

: Mm. I've tasted the sweet and the sour that life serves up, and I know love. You, my dear, are in love with Princess L'Arachel!

: I'm not so sure about that...

A Support

: Gwah ha ha! Are you all right, lassie? There's no need to worry. No matter how many enemies pop up, I'll protect you.

: I appreciate it... I do feel safe when you're nearby... Somehow, you remind me of my father.

: Gwah ha ha! I get that a lot! So tell me, little one, where is your father, anyway?

: ...My father...

: Er... What's wrong?! Did I ask something that I shouldn't have? I-I'm sorry, lassie. Please don't cry...

: I'm not crying... I'm not crying...

: Ah! What do I do? Wait. Just think. I must have run across something like this before. When Princess L'Arachel was a babe, and she would begin to cry... She would tug on my beard! That would always make her happy. C'mon, lassie, grab a handful of my beard and give it a good, strong yank!

: ...You are strange, Dozla.

: What?

: But you were worried about me. That makes me happy. You're a nice person after all.

: Gwah ha ha! You've stopped crying. Hm, that's a good thing.

: Yes. Thank you.


Affinity: Dark

Starting Points: 0
Points per turn: 3
Turns to A Rank: 80

Defense: +0.5
Accuracy: +2.5
Avoid: +5
Critical: +5
Critical Evade: +5

C Support

: Ah... Why has fate chosen to treat me so cruelly?

: Ah, Rennac. You look so pleased to have been reunited with Princess L'Arachel. I'm glad we're all in one piece!

: You haven't changed, Dozla. Your ability to misread people still ruins all conversation. I am lamenting, old man! I am raging against my horrible misfortune! You're a vassal sworn to serve Princess L'Arachel. You're supposed to be here. I, however, am not. I'm temporary. Got it? I'm an employee! I am NOT a vassal!

: Gwah ha ha! You're just as interesting as ever. You're still hard to follow, but...

: This is not a conversation for you to enjoy, and it's not at all hard to follow! It's not that I don't enjoy being in this army, but traveling with her again... I mean, I haven't even been properly paid for the last job.

: Oh, so it's about money, is it? In that case, you've no worries, Rennac. All you have to do is see Princess L'Arachel safely back to Rausten. Once that's done, His Majesty will pay you any amount you desire.

: That's what I heard the last time, but do you have any idea how much I desire? When he hears it, His Majesty may very well explode!

: Hmm, so about 1,000 gold pieces?

: Huh? You can't even buy a proper blade for that price!

: What, 5,000 then?

: You've got the wrong number of zeroes, old man.

: Oh, my apologies. So you want 500 gold, eh?

: No! That's smaller! It cannot get smaller! I want more! It's 50,000! 50,000 gold! And I'll bend 50,000 ears to get it if I have to! Someone must listen!

: Oh, right. I understand! You need 50,000 ears, is that it? Very well, when we return to Rausten we'll get 50,000 people together! Wait...that's 100,000 ears. Well anyway, you'll have all the ears you need!

: It's just a figure of speech, old man. Bah! I was a fool to complain.

B Support

: Life is...a fickle beast, is it not, old man?

: Why are you so solemn, Rennac? You can't win battles if you've no hope!

: This journey has taught me the hollowness and the transience of life's pleasures. Ah, to what end do we toil on this unforgiving earth? Why do we live?

: Why do we live? Well, if you're not alive, then you're dead, and... Er...if you're dead, then you can't eat, and... What was I saying? I think I must be getting hungry. I wonder what's for dinner. My belly's a-rumbling!

: It must be nice to have no worries other than what to eat, old man. And not just you, either. I'm sure that a certain young lady has nothing to worry about, either.

: What's that? Do you mean Princess L'Arachel? That girl believes the world will turn out just as she envisions it. I doubt if the word "worry" even has any meaning to her in the first place.

: What a completely envious position to be in. I may not look it now, but I'm the son of a wealthy Carcino merchant. I believed that you could move the world if you but had the gold. Money was everything, and with money, nothing was beyond my reach! I adored money! I loved money! You see?

: What good fortune for you that your father was a thriving merchant.

: That's just it... There are people who can do anything without any money at all... She's overbearing and egotistical, yet she has us all jumping through hoops. That's a skill normal people don't possess.

: That's Princess L'Arachel! She makes the impossible possible! You're with her because she made a deep impression on you, too, right?

: A deep impression? It's more like I'm in shock, and my brain's been frozen.

: What? Your brain's frozen? That'll never do! Did you forget to wear a hat? Let me at it. I'll thaw it out.

: Knock it off! I was speaking figuratively! You know? As in "not literally"? You're too strong to joke around like that! Stop it!

: Gwah ha ha! Just teasing you!

: Sigh... What a pair the two of you make... You know, you're the only one who can keep up with Princess L'Arachel, old man.

A Support

: You know, Rennac. I was just thinking about something. These battles are tough on an old man like me. I might not make it through to see the end of this.

: Where did that come from? It better not be an omen.

: I want to see Princess L'Arachel in her wedding dress one day. That's my one wish in life: to see her happily wed.

: Telling me about it isn't going to make it happen. Trying to find a worthy prince who's willing to take Princess L'Arachel? That's no easy task to accomplish.

: If I end up food for the crows, if I cannot escort the princess home, I want you to take care of her for me.

: What? Why? No, I won't do it. You can't make me! Sorry, but NO! You're the vassal, old man. I'm nothing more than an escort, a thief. When this war's over, I'm going to collect my pay and then disappear. You got it? Once Princess L'Arachel settles down, she'll probably never leave Rausten again. It's got nothing to do with me.

: That's cold, Rennac... I'm disappointed. I'm sure she'll be so lovely. Princess L'Arachel, the bride... If I gently close my eyes, I can envision what a glorious spectacle it will be.

: If all you need is someone to listen, I'll play along. What kind of spectacle?

: The loving couple exchanging their sacred vows. The joyous citizens of Rausten!

: "Congratulations, Princess L'Arachel!" "Our condolences, Prince."

: The newlyweds will smile and wave as the royal coach passes through the crowds. Can you see the flowers? The silver and gold inlay and the gems glittering in the sun?

: What? They have a gem-encrusted coach? Now that's something I must see. I'll be on the street, waving a flag, then I'll race up and offer my congratulations!

: Would you really? That's happy news. Princess L'Arachel will be so surprised to see you running after them!

: Yeah, and then she'll look at me with that smug face and say, "Oh, Rennac. Whatever are you doing here? Come along! Fall in and follow us."

: And then Princess L'Arachel will set out across the continent on her honeymoon... I've got it! You'll be her guard on her honeymoon! Fantastic! That's wonderful!

: N-no! You're getting carried away!

: Now you're a true vassal to Princess L'Arachel, body and soul. Gwah ha ha!

: I've got a terrible feeling I'll never get away from Princess L'Arachel...