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Part 92: Myrrh - Ephraim

I like the enthusiasm for fliers. In return, let's look at the last support conversation for one of the tiniest fliers: Myrrh. Knoll's all filled out, so we're moving right on down.

Supports - Myrrh


Affinity: Fire

Starting Points: 10
Points per Turn: 4
Turns to A Rank: 58

Attack: +1
Accuracy: +5
Avoid: +2.5
Critical: +5
Critical Evade: +2.5

C Support

: ...Ephraim.

: Myrrh! I'm happy to see you. You're still so young. Don't push yourself too hard today, all right?

: I won't... I have a favor to ask. Do you have time for me?

: What is it, Myrrh?

: ...

: Don't be nervous, Myrrh. You can ask me anything.

: Ephraim... May I call you... "brother"?

: Wha... What? Myrrh... What's come over you?

: ...I was watching you and Eirika together. You looked so close.

: Of course we're close. She is my sister, after all.

: I envy her. I...wish that I had a brother like you. That's why I ask... Even if just for this journey... Please be my brother.

: I don't know what to say... I wasn't expecting you to ask anything like that...

: No...? I'm sorry. I should not have asked...

: Oh... No, Myrrh... Wait. I'm not saying no.

: So, it's all right?

: Uhhh... Sure. Of course. If it will make you happy.

: Yes... It does. I'll come speak with you again soon...Brother.

: Oh, my... Eirika... Myrrh... How can I say no to that look? I guess sisters are my weakness.

B Support

: Hello...Big Brother.

: ... Myrrh, don't you find that to be a little awkward?

: ...Is it?

: I mean... You're a dragon, correct? And if I'm right, you're also far older than I am...

: That's correct... So, should I be your big sister?

: Well, that doesn't seem right, either. You look so much younger than I do. That would be odd...

: I am...very old. Perhaps "mother"? I...don't like "grandmother."

: ...Let's not dwell on this. "Sister" will be fine. Well. Did you have something you wanted to ask me?

: I did... You see, Brother, I have a favor to ask of you.

: Yes?

: In the forest...I was always with my father. Even when I slept, he was there, watching over me.

: Yes?

: So...Brother. Would you...stay with me at night and watch over me?

: No! Myrrh, I understand your insecurity, but this simply is not acceptable. Especially when we are on the march.

: ...

: Oh, don't look so sad. When you see Eirika next, why don't you ask her? I'm sure she will agree. If you and I are brother and sister, then surely you and she are sisters, too. How does that sound?

: Yes... I'll do that. Thank you, Brother.

A Support

: Hey, Myrrh... When this war is over... What will you do? Have you thought about where you will go?

: ... I've lived in Darkling Woods ever since I was a child. I think that I shall spend the rest of my life there.

: On your own? Do you have anyone waiting for you in the forest?

: I... I am on my own now. But you need not worry. I am a dragon, after all.

: ... I've been thinking, Myrrh. If you would like, you can live with us in Renais.

: What?

: When this war is over... When we restore peace to Magvel... Eirika and I will be going back to Renais to lead our people. Would you like to live in the castle? With us?

: Oh, but... I would not want to inconvenience you.

: It's nothing you need worry about. Castle Renais is a vast place. I'm sure we could spare a room for a small girl like you. And besides, you are my sister, right? Family should stay together, don't you think?

: ... must not forget that I am a dragon. I must think about it. I would love to, but... perhaps I shouldn't, and so... I must think about it.

: As you wish.

: But... Thank you for the offer. It makes me very happy. Thank you, Brother.

(Sisters are your weakness, huh? Oh make these jokes way too easy.)