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Part 94: Ephraim - Eirika

And as promised, here is the final support of the game, though probably the first support that anyone will ever see, aside from Neimi and Colm. It's a bit of a controversial one, and I'll give a brief explanation of why that is. However, I felt it appropriate to save this one for last, since we've seen the rest of the plot in its entirety.

Supports - Ephraim


Affinity: Light

Starting Points: 30
Points per Turn: 4
Turns to A Rank: 53

Attack: +1
Defense: +0.5
Accuracy: +5
Avoid: +2.5
Critical: +5

C Support

: Eirika, are you all right?

: I am fine, Brother.

: I'm right here, so please call me if you need anything. I'll always be nearby.

: Yes, thank you. But you do understand that I am here to fight, don't you? I cannot ask you to watch me constantly. I am your sister, not your ward.

: Eirika...

: Wait, don't... What are you--?

: You looked a little upset... I thought I would stroke your face like I used to...

: Please stop it. You're treating me like a child...

: Oh, I'm sorry. It's just an old habit... Besides, you were always the one who pestered me to do it when we were little. Don't you remember?

: N-no, I don't remember! That was such a long time ago... Ahh... Dear brother, please try to remember where we are right now. What would our companions say if they saw us in such a personal moment?

: Yes, that would be embarrassing... Forgive me, I did not mean to do anything you would find unpleasant.

: N-no... I didn't mean that... It's just--

: So, you really do want me to stroke your face?

: No! I mean, look...

: Ha ha, you always did blush so easily! You haven't changed at all!

: E-enough! are starting to anger me!

B Support

: Yaa... Yaa!

: Eirika, try taking a deeper step forward when you lunge. Otherwise, you might find it hard to dodge the counterthrust of a foe. That's why you always want to end a duel with a single blow. Don't give your opponent the chance to return the attack.

: Ah, Brother! Thank you for the instruction! I suppose I still have a lot to learn.

: No, not at all! Rather, I am surprised at your rapid progress after such a short time! I think you would give me an excellent match were we to spar.

: You really think so? And yet, I feel... Sigh... If only we lived in a world where such skills were not even necessary.

: I see... You're a peaceful soul. All of this fighting... It must be hard on you.

: It is... I just pray that this fighting will end as swiftly as possible. No one desires this war. So why must it continue?

: ...Indeed. And yet there is fighting in every generation. In ancient times, our ancestors fought all manner of evil beast. But once the beasts were subdued, man then fought against fellow man... So we learned from Lyon.

: I know... But if men understand the futility of fighting, why do they do it? We could gain so much more by cooperation than by conquest.

: You may be right... ...But I think... I understand why.

: Why, Brother...?

: I pray for peace to return to our fair Renais. I know that war brings only sorrow. And yet, somewhere in my heart... There is a lust for battle that cannot be stilled. It screams within me when I clutch this spear...

: Brother...

: Perhaps it is because I am a man. Perhaps it is because I was raised to fight. I enjoy the practice of my art. I find pleasure in the battle victorious. And the stronger I become... The more strongly the call to arms sounds within my ears. I want to see how great is the skill that I have acquired. It may be crass and low, but I cannot deny it.

: Brother...

: You would disdain me for this?

: No, I could never... But, Brother, listen. No matter why you fight... Please ensure that this fighting brings good to our people and to our kingdom.

: Of course. I am not so far gone as that. And I could not bear to see you cry for our people. Besides, I would fear the judgment of your mighty sword!

: Brother, I--!

: Ha ha! I'm joking, of course!

A Support

: Just...a bit longer.

: Yes, you may be right. There may be an end to this fighting soon. We may yet defeat the evil in this land and return it to the hands of men. Then, Renais may enjoy its former glory.

: Yes... You will be crowned king of Renais, and I will help you rebuild our land. We will make it a happy and prosperous country, free of conflict. Just as we three used to dream about...

: We...three. Lyon was here with us, wasn't he? We three had so many grand ideas for the futures of our lands.

: Yes... We talked about a lot. But Lyon...

: ......

: Brother... Brother...please promise that you won't ever leave me alone. Please...promise...

: Of course. I would never leave you. Why would you ever think I could do something like that?

: Brother...

: I know better than anyone how you feel, dear sister. Ever since we were born... No, even before... We two have always been together. And together... we will always stay.

: Yes, dear brother...

( on the one hand, their weapons, Siegmund and Sieglinde, are a reference to twins by approximately the same name from Norse mythology who have a child together after a convoluted series of circumstances. Plus, as we've seen, there's more than a bit of dialogue indicating just how close Ephraim and Eirika are. On the other hand, the endings, both in the American and Japanese versions, have Eirika and Ephraim simply help one another in reconstructing the kingdom, and the topic of marriage isn't even broached. Given the ambiguity of the situation, I don't really claim to have an opinion either way. It's honestly up to your own personal interpretation.)