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Part 15: Noel Canyon - Part 1


Well, Fred, I actually prefer going outside than being trapped in Dandrum Fortress because I won't have to see Kempf's vile face that way.
Hahaha, harsh words. Still, General Kempuf is a bad apple, so to speak. He was born into nobility and has his future set out for him, but he's not a man to look up to. He's jealous of General Rinehart's fame and takes it out on you, his sister. Disgraceful, if you ask me.
General Kempuf thinks my brother is his rival.
...Well, they are about the same age, and were both made generals rather young. I understand how he feels, but...
But my brother doesn't think of him as a rival at all...
That's probably also part of the reason General Kempuf doesn't like him.
Oh? You don't understand? ...Perhaps you're still too young.
Well, anyway, why don't you stay a while if you're not too busy?
Yes, thank you. I shall.

There shouldn't be that many guards alone, but they have weapons called ballistas which shoot arrows over great distances. They are extremely powerful, so we'll have to get rid of them first before we can advance towards the fort.
So what can we do?
We have three choices. One, we use our main forces to draw the enemy's attention while a seperate squad attacks the fort. Two, we take our entire army and charge head-on, overwhelming the enemy by force.
And the third?
Surely you could figure it out if I've told you the first two. I shouldn't need to tell you, should I?

What? Screw you Dorias, you're the worst adviser ever.


Take note of the enemy thief here. Not only does he have a stamina drink, but he'll also loot the nearby village if left to his own devices.

There's a second thief here, he's got a stamina drink as well, and will be destroying the southern village. Largo and our goal are to the north of him.

As with all Bishops, this one has a long-ranged tome (bolting in this case), and psychic.

That's pretty much the long and short of things here. The map's pretty straightforward, with the ballistas and the thieves being the only complications.


Alright, it's time to vote! We have a max capacity of 14 units here, and a minimum of 8 (Leaf included). Every map has a both a minimum and a maximum deployment number, although this is the first map with such a large spread. It's not particularly relevant here, but some future maps take advantage of minimum deployments in some cruel ways. Karin is being forced deployed (I am not a crazy person), as well as Lifis, so please vote for up to 11* characters from: Leaf, Fin, Fergus, Asvel, Nanna, Shiva, Carion, Othin, Havan, Lara, Safy, Makua, Hicks, Dashin, Brtyon, Dagda, Tanya, Selfina, Kein, Alba and Robert. As always, check here for up to date character statuses.

*You don't have to vote for the full 11 if you don't want. Vote for as many as you actually care about.

Fatigue Counter:

Fin: 20/32
Fergus: 16/33
Karin: 16/31
Asvel: 2/26
Nanna: 22/22 (she's still usable like this, fatigue doesn't kick in unless it exceeds Max Hp.)
Shiva: 10/34
Carion: 32/39

Voting will close in ~48 hours.


I'd like to post a correction: Last update I claimed Selfina has no skills. Truth be told, she actually has Charge. I've updated her bio to reflect that. It doesn't really change my opinion of her, but it's worth pointing out.