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Part 17: Dandrum Fortress - Part 1


What was your mission, Olwen? Surveillance, wasn't it? You fail to even identify the enemy, and then you come running back demanding for reinforcements? I think not.
We were caught off-guard, so we need more men! I decided to come back and report first...
But what if this enemy that you speak of is merely a trap to lure us away from our post? Our 12 Legions are what make Dandrum the impregnable fortress that it is. There is no way I will send out troops without even knowing who the enemy is.
But...what about General Largo! He is out there fighting as we speak...!
An aged general or two is no big loss to our army. He would have died some time soon anyway. Now I don't have to worry about it.

He's also kind of already dead... sorry about that Olwen.

Wh-Why, you... General Kempf! You call yourself...
Eh? What's this? Are you talking back to me? Surely you know what happens to those who disobey their commanders. And yet you choose to go against me? Hm?
What's the matter? Can't back up what you say?
Well, you're just a girl fresh out of the academy. I suppose all you can do is go crying to big brother Rinehart.

Don't worry, he'll take good care of you. Why, that man's greatest skill is seducing the ladies. Hahaha!

Oh god, this dude is creepy as hell. He's also one Fire Emblem too late.

Are you insulting my brother! You...!
Drawing your sword, are you? What are you going to do, kill me? Stupid bitch. Guards! Throw General Olwen into the dungeon. Her charges are disobedience and turning her blade to her superiors!

An armor escorts Olwen out of a back door.

Fred rides his horse up to the fort, and then walks up to Kempf.

You know what's wrong! What did Lady Olwen do? Punishing troops for personal reasons goes against military laws. Please release her immediately, or else I will take this matter to Queen Ishtar!
Personal reasons? Why, I never. General Olwen drew her blade right here, to kill me.
What? No... That can't be...
What did our military code say about turning your blade to your superiors? I recall it meant death, or some other severe punishment...
...So is that your plan. ...Dirty schemer...
Anyway, you will have to take responsibility for your commander's misbehavior. I order you to go out and meet the enemy. But this is a punishment. Fight to your death. If you dare retreat, Olwen will die. Understood?
Kempf! ...You shameless bastard!
Hm? What's that? Can't hear you. Hahahahaha!

Holy crap, Kempf's only been in one chapter so far and I'm already looking forward to killing him. I mean, damn, it's down right impressive how terrible of a human being he managed to be in such a short period of time.


You can see the tip of where we start here, as well as one of the groups of enemies. You may notice that this screen is missing the doors shown in the overall view of the map. This is me showing something that happens in the game too, if you look at the map via the map function, you'll see the doors, but when you start they're gone.

And here's the rest of the map. We've got Fred backed up by 10 armors, the armors in the front are using Long lances (for around 15-20 overall Attack each), and the armors in the back have Javelins, Vulnerarys and Door keys.

Kempf is hanging out with a bishop, three armors and two mages. The bishop here doesn't have a siege tome for once.


And that's the map. There's a little more to it then meets the eye though, and as such it can be somewhat though. We'll deal with that later though, for now it's voting time. Lifis and Lara are being force deployed, so vote for up to 11 characters from: Leaf, Fin, Fergus, Karin, Asvel, Shiva, Carion, Othin, Havan, Makua, Brtyon, Safy, Dashin, Dagda, Selfina, Kein, Alba, Robert, Tanya.

Fatigue Counter:

Fin: 27/33
Fergus: 31/34
Karin: 18/31
Asvel: 6/27
Shiva: 15/34
Carion: 38/39
Othin: 13/39
Havan: 14/36
Makua: 20/33
Brtyon: 25/32

Marty: Fatigued
Nanna: Fatigued


Musings: Less of a musing and more of a note, but half the chapter is indoors, and half is outdoors.


We also have 2 life rings, rather than sit on them forever I say we use one of them now, so Vote on who needs +7 hp the most. We also have a Wrath Book. This isn't actually an official vote, but I want to hear people's thoughts on who they think might make good use of it. If you've played the game before, you can mention character's we haven't met, just spoiler tag it. What do you mean I'm passing the buck of making a hard decision to the thread, that's crazy talk.. We also have an Elite Book, but I already have a plan for that (it will involve voting, don't you worry, just a controlled vote.)


Let's say you have ~24 hours.