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Part 19: Chapter 11x: Murder Hollace - Part 1

And their leader is Prince Leaf, who escaped from Manster.

Hmm... We have no choice but to use our last resort, then... Murder Hollace.

Damn, sucks to be Hollace right about now.

...Murder Hollace...So you are ordering us to our deaths?
All you have to do is kill the enemy before they kill you. Of course, you'll have to be prepared for the worst...
As you wish... I have no choice if it is an order.

Man, I feel bad for the guy. I might even give sparing him a second thought.

Don't forget to kill off the prisoners as well. They'll be a nuisance if they escape.
... Yes


I had heard the rumors, but I never thought they were actually doing it...This is terrible... Is this.. Is this what my country has been doing!?

Y'know, maybe if you didn't hunt children less of your generals would defect to the other team. Just saying.


Would you look at that? We've got ourselves another indoor fog of war map. Never gets old IntSys, really.

Our forces are stuck in the bottom left corner of the map. On the top right corner, Olwen is imprisoned along with three children. The empire isn't very good at the whole child capturing thing, are they?

She won't die the second someone looks at her funny, but she's still pretty frail. She's also disarmed, which suggests the enemy is unfortunately competent.


And that's next chapter's map. We need to bring along 7 characters, although for obvious reasons one of these characters needs to be a thief (so choose one of Lara and Lifis). For the remaining six, choose from: Fin, Asvel, Shiva, Othin, Havan, Makua, Safy, Dashin, Dagda, Tanya, Karin, Nanna, Brtyon, Marty, Selfina, Kein, Alba, and Robert. As always, the second post of the thread has up to date character statuses.

Fatigue Counter:

Fin: 32/33
Asvel: 16/35
Shiva: 25/35
Othin: 19/39
Havan: 23/36
Makua: 29/33
Dagda: 2/43

Fergus: Fatigued
Carion: Fatigued

Musings: Beyond standard indoor battle considerations (mounted units suffer stat penalties, and can only use swords) I also recall this map having an above average magical presence, so it may be worth while to keep that in mind.

You have ~24 hours.