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Part 21: The Thieves of Dakia - Part 1


I'm fine now... Thanks to you.
Those Lopto people aren't exactly nice, are they? You would've been a goner if we hadn't passed by.
...... The Lopto order does not tolerate traitors. That's the rule...
Traitor? You just wanted to leave the order, right? I don't think they had to kill you... But why did you decide to leave in the first place? Lopto priests are even more important than the Emperor himself nowadays.

Oh shit, we've got ourselves a dark mage here. He lacks Canas' styling monocle, but he seems alright.

I like you, and I want you to join us, if that's okay with you.
You're a thief, but you don't kill or steal from the poor. I will fight with you as long as you stay that way.
I don't like to kill people. But we've got more guys now, and some of them just don't want to listen. Especially Colho and his boys. They're a problem.
Colho is evil. They are attacking defenseless travelers.
I know. I'm going to cut ties with them once and for all. All I need is you and Trude.

Uh, maybe these guys aren't as nice as I thought...

I know. I'll put anyone who comes too close to sleep with this staff...


Hey, it's that guy. If you don't remember, Cyas helped Marita escape from Manster (when Eyvel got stoned), at Galzus' behest.

Which is why Marita being here makes sense.

Yes, I must return to my own country. It hurts to leave you behind, but you seem to have recovered now... You should do fine on your own.
...Thank you for everything, Bishop Cyas. If you hadn't rescued me, I...
I see you are lamenting over turning your blade to your mother, but you must get over it. You couldn't help it, the Blade of Darkness was controlling you. But now that I've removed the curse, you should take it.
You want me to take this sword? But...
Did you not say you wanted to be a swordmaster like your mother? Then you must not hate the sword. A fine sword can be both an evil blade or a holy blade depending on who wields it. Even this sword was not originally made to be evil. If you want to be a true swordfighter, then you must learn to love any blade that you come across.

You know, for a bishop you have way too many philosophical waxings about swords up your sleeve.

Good. I have a feeling that you will eventually see your mother as long as you keep that blade with you.


And here's what we're up against. Yup, more fog of war. Fun.


We can bring up to twelve characters here. Leaf has to come, and Marty, Karin and Olwen are being force deployed, so choose 8 characters from: Dashin, Tanya, Lara, Fin, Fergus, Asvel, Shiva, Carion, Othin, Makua, Lifis, Dagda, Nanna, Bryton, Selfina, Robert, Fred. Olwen was near unanimously spared, and so in the future her deployment will be up to your whims. Right now, there's something only she can do in the upcoming chapter. As always, check here for up to date character statuses.

Fatigue Counter:

Dashin: 4/34
Marty: 28/52
Fred: 14/33
Olwen: 5/24

Safy: Fatigued
Ronan: Fatigued
Havan: Fatigued

Musings: For anyone who's played the game before  don't bother voting for my thieves, neither are fast enough to steal the ambush book. My bad. That's what Marty is for.  We get the ambush book Olwen wants so badly this map, although late enough in the map that she won't get much of chance to use it. Make of that what you will.

You have ~24 hours.