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Part 24: The Stronghold - Part 1

Christ, finally. If you haven't been paying much attention to the plot, we've been headed to Tahra since the end of 2x. (Some of this time was spent breaking out of jail, but my point stands.

had always been doing its best to protect against the Empire's evil deeds.

Tahra's situation was looking increasingly grim. Tahra had maintained its freedom by promising never to oppose the Empire, but that freedom seemed short-lived now...


I see... Baldack should be arriving soon with his 8th Legion. Don't push too hard. We mustn't waste our manpower.
Of course, sir.

Paulus leaves.

All troops! Prepare to attack!


No, that won't do. The enemies have ballistas. You'll just be a perfect target if you go out alone. The basics of fighting from dragon-back are to run in for a surprise hit, and then immediately retreat. You must never rush, Eda.

Hey, we know that name.

Yes, brother.
I will send out my knights.
Will that be enough? The mercenaries all fled.
Hm... What about Prince Shanan? If he is a direct descendant of the Sword Saint Odo, he must have power far greater than ours. Why does he refuse to help?

Shanan's here! Take me away with your Balmunk, you sweet Isaacian prince of men.

Everyone I love abandons me.

Be careful. This is only the beginning. ...The worst still has yet to come.
I know.


Also, I see ballistas among the enemy lines. It's too dangerous.
I know it's dangerous, but we have no choice. Tahra's demise will mean our demise as well. Right, August?
Yes. If we let Tahra fall, we will lose any support the people had for us. If we lose their support as well as our troops, all that is left is our destruction.


(The red circles are ballistas)

Here's us.

The arch knights + ballistas to the north of us.

West of the arch knights.

And here we have Glade and friends.

Glade can fend for himself...

His friends cannot. We're actually given control of his generic troops, which may be a first for the series.

And here we have the enemies. Note the bishop on the village separated from the rest of the map by a river. The village has a Knights Proof, so we need to visit it. The bishop, of course, has a bolting tome.

Rist himself isn't too strong, especially without the benefit of a fuck you tile. However, his killer lance can be dangerous, and so whoever takes him on should either have scrolls or trick him into switching to his bow.


And that's today's map. We need to bring Karin and Selfina, and we are capped out at 8 units, so choose 5 units from: Marty, Carion, Safy, Fin, Fergus, Asvel, Shiva, Othin, Makua, Nanna, Olwen, Havan, Ronan, Dagda, Brtyon, Fred, Olwen, Seram, Trude, Pahn and Tina.

Fatigue counter:

Marty: 28/52
Carion: 4/40
Safy: 10/17

Lara: Fatigued.

Musings: I'd bring Nanna over the other two healers, beyond that I don't have any strong opinions.

Futhermore, vote for who gets the Ambush book. I was going to give it to Olwen without a vote, but I decided to give people who don't like Olwen a fair democratic shake. However, if you want to use Olwen, she probably gets more utility out of it than anyone.

You have until around 6:00pm MST Tuesday.