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Part 28: Chapter 14x: Freedom - Part 1

Around 600. They are following behind us in groups.
But we can't take them all the way to Lenster...
Yes, we don't have enough manpower to protect these people on the way. Even escaping this valley could prove to be difficult.
We'll have to protect them until they make it out of the valley. Tell everyone to concentrate on defending the civilians.
Yes, Lord Leaf.


Good. Then you may return to Lenster. We don't need you here.

I couldn't find Cohda's portrait anywhere online, so I learned how to make one myself. I'm not saying this to brag, rather to inform you that generic villagers and such will be represented with portraits from now on, rather than just emoticons.

I must stay and command my squad.
This mission is to mop up the remnants of the enemy. You don't want to stay for that, do you?
But my troops...
General Misha, this is an order. Return to Lenster!
...Very well.


We've got ourselves some fog of war yet again, and although they haven't shown up yet, we'll soon have ourselves an escort mission too, protecting 6 civilian units. That said, we don't actually get punished for not saving them, but rather get rewarded with Stamina Drinks for saving them.

Linoan joins us at the very start of this mission, bringing a lot of staffs with her. While her Torch staff will be very useful in the upcoming chapter, the only new staff here is her Restore staff, which finally lets us cure status effects.


We have 9 open slots, however, Dean is being force deployed. So, chose 8 characters from: Marty, Safy, Lara, Asvel, Othin, Havan, Ronan, Tina, Carion, Fergus, Olwen, Shiva, Makua, Bryton, Fred, Pahn, Glade, and Homer. Up to date character status can be found here.

Fatigue Counter:

Marty: 6/53
Safy: 5/15
Lara: 8/32
Asvel: 8/35
Othin: 22/41
Havan: 9/39
Ronan: 3/34
Tina: 1/14
Dean: 2/36
Homer: 5/25

Karin: Fatigued
Nanna: Fatigued
Marita: Fatigued
Fin: Fatigued
Seram: Fatigued

Musings: Ronan isn't a great unit, but we know we're up against Pegasus Knights, and Pegasus Knights don't fare too well against bows...

We're not quite done yet though, keep reading to my next post for a big ol' mess of voting.