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Part 30: The Two Paths - Part 1

the Liberation Army retreated from Tahra.

As for their next destination, the army's opinion split.

A brief refresher, The Fiana Miltia is Othin, Havan, etc., while the Magi Group is everyone who showed up to break us out of prison back in chapter 4 (so Makua and friends basically). Sety is their leader.

In the end, both sides agreed that heading to Lenster first would be more efficient.


I believe we should head east down the mountain and attack Lenster from the south.
The thick forests of Melfiye lie to the south of Lenster. Those forests are well-known for people losing their way in them.
I'm aware of that. But that also means that the Empire's defenses would be lax. With our small numbers, we must take full advantage of the terrain.
I disagree. Thracia... No, this entire continent is watching over our fight. We must not only win, our victory must be one that gives courage to the people suffering from Imperial oppression. We should march in proudly from the front, flying the flag of Lenster.
The northern highroad is practically Lenster's front door. Legions of enemy soldiers will be defending it. We will lose many of our troops.

Some of us don't appreciate having your values one-sidedly forced upon us.
Don't you think you're being a little rude, August?



Random brigands? Potential murder and mayhem? It looks like we've got ourselves a filler chapter here folks.

More enemies will spawn from the 3 forts shown here every turn. We're going to want to bring a flier to protect the villages, although the game does give us some help on that front.

Zile is pretty tough, although he's nothing we can't handle by this point. Maybe we'll get Marty to show him how a real warrior does it. He has some good weapons, but he can't be captured, and they're not good enough to use the thief staff on and too heavy to steal traditionally.

Here's one of the two exits. We go this way if we think Dorias has the right idea.

And on the other side, the path we follow if we listen to August. We need to head this way anyways, because it's the only ground path to the grouping of houses.

Although we can exit from either of those two paths, what you want to do is visit the church in the center of the map with Leaf. You get to automatically pick which path you want to take if you do so, and you get a second restore staff for your troubles.


We can bring 11 characters with us. We need to bring Marita, and as part of my initiative to promote our Knight's Proof winners, we're also bringing Homer, Seram and Makua. This leaves us with 7 open slots, so vote for 7 characters from: Marty, Lara, Asvel, Othin, Havan, Olwen, Dean, Karin, Nanna, Safy, Fin, Ronan, Tina, Carion, Fergus, Shiva, Bryton, Fred, Pahn, and Glade, under the condition that at least one of these units be a flier. Click here for the character guide.

Fatigue Counter:

Marty: 20/54
Lara: 29/32
Asvel: 14/35
Othin: 25/42
Havan: 14/39
Olwen: 4/25
Makua: 4/34
Dean: 7/36
Homer: 18/30

Linoan: Fatigued

As well, you need to decide which route we're going to take. Do we listen to Dorias and head west, or do we listen to August and go east? I'll be showing off both paths regardless, and I'll even be letting you vote on the "official path" once I've done both, so this is really just choosing which you'd like to see first.