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Part 34: Chapter 17b: The First Rain of May - Part 1

Though the southern gate was lightly guarded, numerous ballistae laid waiting atop of the high cliff...

Within their grasp, breaching Lenster's gates would prove to be no easy feat.


Yes... I wasn't expecting there to be so many ballistas. But if we wait too long, reinforcements will arrive. Hmm...
What do you think, Dorias?

Who cares, when has Dorias ever been remotely helpful?

We'll have to do something about the ballistas to proceed. We can attack them with magic, or ambush them from the sky... Either way, we will suffer some casualties.

Goddamn it Dorias.

All right... I'll try to come up with something.


Just a heads up, this conversation spoils one of the few twists from Gen 1 of FE4 that still hasn't been spoiled (somehow, it's honestly impressive they go this long without mentioning it). If you're following the LP of 4 and this blind, you may want to skip ahead.

Ah, the child hunting. Have you argued with him again?"
Count Gustav is kidnapping children from this area to sacrifice to Lopto, even without the king's orders. Do you think that is forgivable?

I like how Amalda actually knows the child hunting is going on, having what seemed like half the empire's army completely unaware of it rubbed me the wrong way.

Now, now, Lady Amalda... I understand how you feel, but Emperor Alvis himself has approved of the child hunting. Sooner or later, all the children in this area will be sent to the Imperial capital. Just you protesting on your own won't make a difference.
Why is this happening! I had faith in Lord Alvis... I became a general to be able to serve him. What has happened to him...?


You can stop skipping now.

What's all this then? I found this new snazzy map on a site called, all credit for it goes to them.

Let's start with the top left corner of the map. Here we see the one gap in Lenster's walls, along with the boss. Both of the priestesses have pretty much free Silence and Psychic staffs. We haven't seen much of Silence yet, as status effects don't work on throned bosses, but it has it's uses. There are also ballistas. Lots of ballistas.

Palan isn't much to write home about. Nothing we can't handle, we may even be able to capture his Great sword.

Next, in the top right, we have a group of Cavaliers lead by Amalda. Oh, and a fuckload of ballistas. Damn them and their legitimate wartime tactics.

The Cavaliers have pretty solid stats, as well as Rapiers. While Rapiers aren't that strong at this point in the game (they only have 12mt against units they're effective against, which isn't that high compared to what most enemies are equipped with), they have a decent crit chance. They're not much of a threat, but don't let your guard down.

We can't recruit Amalda, not on path B. We want the Blagi scroll though, so we're going to spare her life.

Beyond that, there's not much more than a scattering of enemies and of houses, along with some shops. Note the inaccessible (by land) house in the bottom left of the map.


We can bring up to 15 characters with us. Shanam's going to come along (15 slots and some shops is an ideal time to deploy him), and so are Seram, Karin, Nanna and Fergus, so choose up to 10 characters from: Olwen, Dean, Marita, Marty, Linoan, Carion, Lara, Asvel, Othin, Havan, Safy, Fin, Ronan, Shiva, Pahn, and Glade. Note: For fatigue reasons I may not bring a full roster, the chapter doesn't really need one. Check here for character statuses, although I won't be updating it (beyond new recruits) until we're off the branching paths.

Fatigue Counter:

Olwen: 6/26
Nanna: 22/32
Seram: 26/30
Marita: 13/38
Marty: 10/56
Linoan: 11/24

Makua: Fatigued
Homer: Fatigued
Tina: Fatigued
Sara: Fatigued