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by Cake Attack

Part 52: Across the River - Part 1x

In which we Berserk Rinehart.

Seeing as how the boss of the map is going to be hitting us with Berserk staffs, I figure we'd return the favor. Except, y'know, we can cure Berserk. They can't.

Rather then mill about and get slaughtered, the Gelpritter immediately turn on their old leader.

With the Gelpritter massacred, Rinehart takes down a ballista with his Master Sword.

Ballistas are Rinehart's kryptonite. They get two attacks everytime they target him because of Charge.

These guys normally kill Rinehart, having two attacks each, but he gets lucky with dodges and Big Shield and survives.

What no what are you doing why are you capturing him?

You had a good run there. So long.

This is actually a pretty good strategy if you're pissed enough at the map that you don't mind losing out on a lot of experience/a second Daim Thunder/Olwen's talk with Rinehart. If you're not using Olwen, only one of these is an issue, and the benefits (wiping out a lot of the threats on the map, taking away 5 leadership stars) are plentiful.

Anyways, voting remains open for the actual update.