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Part 59: Chapter 24x: The Alter of Lopto - Part 1


Fog of war yay.

Our forces are split into two groups, one in the southwest corner of the map, the other in the southeast corner.

Hanging out in the northernmost part of the map is Eyvel. She's unchanged from how we left her, meaning she sucks now.

And somewhere in the middle, we have our goal. Buckle up folks, it's another escape mission.

Alright it's time. Chapter 24x is something special. I kind of get the feeling that it was used as a test by Intsys for new hires. Suggest bullshit, if it's bad enough, it gets put in and you're hired. The guy who came up with the bullshit for the chapter was put in charge of the rest of the game.

Anyways, vote. Sety is coming, and so are Sara and Lara, so choose 12 characters from: Fergus, Marty, Nanna, Shiva, Carion, Xavier, Ronan, Seram, Linoan, Shanam, Olwen, Marita, Makua, Dashin, Karin, Othin, Havan, Fin, Delmud, Asvel, Homer and Galzus. Stats Page.

Fatigue Counter:

We have so many S drinks that I'm done with Fatigue, go nuts. Except for Tina, she's fatigued and not very useful in the upcoming chapter.

I've also edited the last update with Galzus' bio, which I forgot to do at first.