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Part 61: Final: An Undying Oath - Part 1

Final: An Undying Oath - Part 1

That is not important. What is taking you so long to kill that boy from Lenster?
Yes, I'm sorry. I promise that I will have Prince Leaf's head soon...
Make sure that you kill him. If you don't, our efforts of assassinating Cuan would be for nought.
...They still think Trabant is the man responsible for Cuan's death...
Hahaha...pathetic fools. Thracia doesn't have the means of getting accurate information on Lenster... Taking advantage of Trabant's ambitions to make Northern and Southern Thracia kill each other...

Let me be mildly annoyed at this. You see, Berdo is a terrible villain. He pretty much just hangs out in the background for the entire game, being evil. He doesn't even really appear between Chapters 5 and 24. Sure, he petrifies Eyvel, but he's such a non-presence in the game it's hard to really care about him. The writers realize this is a problem, but their attempts to salvage it don't really work. This conversation here comes across as a blatantly transparent attempt to make you hate Berdo.

It's a shame, because FE4 does a great job of making you care about the villains.

But the problem lies after that... We have underestimated the heir to Lenster. Perhaps we should have killed him when Lenster first fell...
Yes, but Prince Leaf has successfully united the rebel forces in Northern Thracia. If we can strike them when their hopes for the prince are the highest, their morale will plummet. Also, the prince has been getting rid of the Freeges for us. He has proven to be of some use. Anyway, while he is a descendant of the Holy Warriors, he is still a child unable to even use the Gae Bolg. He is no match for me.
I hope so... Just in case, I will give you five of my Dark Warriors.
Ah, thank you. Now I have six counting the one that I made. The force field should be flawless now...
Hm... Well, Berdo, I will leave the rest to you. I shall be waiting for the good news...
Yes, Bishop Manfroy...


God damn it August, you and dividing up our forces

We have to destroy the six seals to open up the altar.
Yes... We must capture all six centers simultaneously. If we take too long, reinforcements may arrive. We must do this quickly, even if it means losing some of our troops.
I see... All right, let's go.


We can bring 18 of our best units, which are then divided into 6 groups of 3, one for each Dark Warrior. The Dark Warrior are very powerful, and are all accompanied by some goons and this asshole:

22 magic and Fenrir. That shit hurts.

You may have noticed that you need at least one door key or a thief to even win the map. That's fun. That said, you really want multiple door keys, unless you want to ferry your thief around the map or god forbid have to go through one door at a time, capturing door keys.

We have to defeat each Dark Warrior and have a unit wait where they use to be to open the center chamber.

Also all the Berserkers have Hammers because fuck you, General, etc.


Time to end this. Marty needs 16 people to party with. Choose 16 from: Nanna, Carion, Sara, Seram, Lara, Linoan, Shanam, Olwen, Marita, Makua, Karin, Homer, Sety, Galzus, Fergus, Shiva, Ronan, Dashin, Othin, Havan, Fin and Asvel. Stats Page