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Part 63: Epilogue


The game starts by showing us how many turns we took on each individual map. Your overall rank for the game is determined by a combination of how many turns you took, and how many characters survived/were recruited. If you don't recruit every character, the highest rank becomes impossible to get, and each rank takes on the turn requirement of the tier that was previously above it. So if you have casualties, the amount of turns that would normally get you a C would give you a D instead. The Olwen and Eyrios thing is accounted for though.

An SSS rank is less then 179 turns (keep in mind there are over 30 chapters, so less then 6 turns per mission), while an E rank is anything more than 600 turns (~20 per chapter.) SSS is new for the ROM version of the game, originally AAA (less than 249) was the best rank.

I.. I was not playing for rank.



The credits are accompanied by artwork, as determined by your rank. The picture we got is the E rank picture. Exactly what picture you get for what rank changes depending on your version of the game, I'll be going with the ROM version.

D Rank: Dragon Knights

B Rank: Lovers

The C rank photo isn't available with the rest.

A Rank: Each One's Desires

And here are a bunch of other official illustrations in the same style:





Fin and Leaf


Lenster's Fall

Long Ago





Thracia 776



And next we have the character endings. The numbers shown are kills, deaths, and EXP gained. Take the death number with a grain of salt, it counts anytime someone died, and there was a decent amount of behind the scenes stuff that caused deaths that weren't a part of any actual attempt at the map. I've taken the liberty of putting our top 5 units at the end, like in PoR.

Fin - The Legendary Lance Knight

Kills: 49 Deaths: 2 Exp: 1692

After seeing Leaf take the throne, Fin disappeared. Three years passed before he showed himself again. There are no records on what he was doing in the time he was gone. Some claim to have caught a glimpse of him in the Yied Desert, but these are only rumors.

Lachesis went missing in Yied, so that's what he's doing there. You did a good job capturing things early game Fin, even if you were outclassed in the end.

Nanna - The Queen of Nodion

Kills: 55 Deaths: 2 Exp: 3882

After the victory at Barhara, Nanna joined Leaf in the battle to liberate Agustria. Later, she married Leaf and devoted her life to helping orphans who lost their family in the war. Due to her sweetness and generosity, the citizens affectionately referred to her as "Princess Nanna" even after she became queen. Her life with Leaf is said to have ended happily.

Eyvel - The Goddess of Fiana

Kills: 12 Deaths: 0 Exp: 0

Eyvel returned to Fiana and lived quietly for a while. With the end of the pact with the Dragons known as the Gesh, her memory recovered seven years after the Holy War. The story of her reunion with her children has been a favorite of many bards ever since...

Now this whole ending is a clusterfuck to explain, and goes into FE4 spoilers as well. All you really need to know is that she survived Barhara by divine intervention, lost her memories because of it, then got them back later.

Havan - The Quiet Hero

Kills: 69 Deaths: 2 Exp: 1869

Havan took over Fiana after Eyvel's departure. He proved to be a wise leader, and Fiana developed into a prosperous village that won the envy of those living in the surrounding area.

Othin - The Wild Axefighter

Kills: 72 Deaths: 2 Exp: 2482

Othin returned to Fiana, where he married and was blessed with many children. His short temper and fiery personality never did change, and he was known throughout his lifetime as "Old Othin of Fiana."

Tanya - Dagda's Loving Daughter

Kills: 13 Deaths: 0 Exp: 755

Tanya moved to Fiana, where she married and was blessed with many children. Her cheery personality and good spirits earned her respect and admiration from the villagers throughout her life.

Dagda - Ex-Brigand of Purple Dragon Mountain

Kills: 24 Deaths: 0 Exp: 209

After returning to his base on Purple Dragon Mountain, he rounded up the brigands and put his efforts into working the wastelands once again. His hard work paid off, and several years later, the barren land became rich with nutrition.

Marty - The Man Whom Dagda Lovedwait what

Kills: 83 Deaths: 0 Exp: 3407

Marty returned to Purple Dragon Mountain and put his efforts into working the barren land. Many, especially children, loved his sheepish but kind nature.

Ronan - A Youth of Ith

Kills: 40 Deaths: 3 Exp: 3090

Ronan went home to his mother in Ith and returned to being a fisherman. It is said that he later married and lived a happy life.

Well that's boring. You were no Marty, but you still did better then anyone expected. Godspeed Ronan.

Safy - Servant of God

Kills: 0 Deaths: 2 Exp: 1615

After returning to Tahra, Safy worked to help the poor and the underpriveleged. It is said that she appeared as a goddess in the eyes of those she offered her hand to.

Shiva - The Mercenary of Savan

Kills: 69 Deaths: 0 Exp: 2666

After the war, Shiva disappeared. Various speculations and theories have been made about this man of many mysteries, but none have been, and ever will be, confirmed.

You were consistently our best unit that nobody ever wanted to use. Good work.

Lifis - The Shy Theif

Kills: 0 Deaths: 2 Exp: 136

After the war, Lifis earned a government post and remained in office for several years. During that time period, the surrounding pirate outposts were decimated by the Kelves Garrison Forces. He disappeared after that, and no one has seen him ever since.

Sety - Holy Warrior of the Winds

Kills: 18 Deaths: 1 Exp: 635

Upon returning to Silesia, Sety gave in to his people's yearning for his leadership and took the throne. Thanks to his hard work and unbending will, the trampled land of Silesia slowly, but surely, began to regain its former beauty.


Asvel - The Whisper in the Wind

Kills: 48 Deaths: 1 Exp: 1831

Asvel stayed at Leaf's side and shared his pain throughout the Liberation Wars. After that, he returned to his hometown of Frest and took his father's place as bishop. Several years later, his name reached the four corners of the continent as the Great Sage Asvel.

You may not have been on our A team in the end, but we'll never forget when we first give you pants, and for a brief while you murdered everything.

Bryton - A Knight of Manster

Kills: 23 Deaths: 1 Exp: 908

Brighton returned to Manster to help restore its former prosperity, and also taught its people swordsmanship in his spare time. He later married and opened a small shop with his wife.

You use axes Bryton. Not swords.

Lara - The Cheerful Thief

Kills: 2 Deaths: 1 Exp: 1952

Lara returned to being a dancer and performed in various cities of Thracia. Her elegant yet powerful performances gave people courage, and became a symbol of Thracia's reconstruction.

Dancing is never not useful. Way to be a part of the team Lara.

Dashin - A Knight of Passion

Kills: 20 Deaths: 0 Exp: 1751

After the war, Dalshin was stationed at Fort Kelves, requesting the new post himself. He fought day and night to protect the nearby villages from thieves and bandits, and it didn't take long for him to completely eliminate the thieves roaming the area around the fort. Eventually, "the place more frightening than Hell" came to be known as "the place safer than Heaven itself."

Out of anybody that could have been redeemed, they choose you. You're not bad Dashin, but damned if Thracia doesn't hate armors.

Hicks - The Axe Knight with Family

Kills: 0 Deaths: 0 Exp: 24

Instead of staying in the military, Hicks returned to his hometown and led a peaceful life with his family. However, he always kept his axe at his side, never unprepared for danger.


Glade - The Dutiful Lance Knight

Kills: 10 Deaths: 1 Exp: 425

After earning the highest military title of Great General, Glade was given the task of reorganizing the overgrown army. By transferring surplus members and introducing new weapons, he succeeded in creating one the most formidable elite forces on the continent. His hard work greatly helped the kingdom during the hard times of reconstruction.

Selfina - The Beautiful Bow Knight

Kills: 1 Deaths: 0 Exp: 36

After the new Kingdom of Thracia was established, she retired from her position of leading the royal guard. Instead, she used her mansion as an orphanage to take care of deprived children. Many of the children that Selphina saved lived on to become great heroes. Selfina was later called the Mother of Thracia, and her stories were told for many generations.

Carion - Noble of Lenster

Kills: 117 Deaths: 0 Exp: 3816

Out of Leaf's request, Carion took up a post at Castle Meeds along with Hannibal. He then served as a diplomat between Northern and Southern Thracia, and contributed greatly in their unification.

You killed things Carion, and you killed them well. That's all we ever really needed.

Kein - Lance Knight of Lenster

Kills: 0 Deaths: 0 Exp: 0

Kein put down his sword and became a civil servant. He implemented many revolutionary political movements to strengthen the army and regain Lenster's lost land. It is said that Leaf and his advisors put much trust in Kein as "The Quiet Revolutionary."

Alba - Lance Knight of Lenster

Kills: 0 Deaths: 0 Exp: 0

Alba requested a post in Southern Thracia, and under Altena's leadership, worked to restore the area's public order. At first he was looked down upon by the people as a "northerner," but his good-willed nature soon earned him trust and respect.

Robert - Bow Knight of Lenster

Kills: 0 Deaths: 0 Exp: 0

After his strong requests, Robert was put in the new Kingdom of Thracia's royal guard. Robert himself was probably trying his best to be a legendary warrior, but he never could fix his timidity. Apparently, more than a few of the female servants in the castle found his sheepish nature cute.

Atta boy Robert.

Olwen - The Azure Mage Knight

Kills: 65 Deaths: 6 Exp: 1800

After the war, Olwen returned to the Freege's land and contributed to its reconstruction. Whenever she remembered her brother Rinehart, she burned with anger at his pitifulness. Perhaps because of that, the man whom she married was surprisingly ordinary.

It took a while, but once you got going you were unstoppable. I don't know why you get two of the best weapons in the game, but I'm not complaining.

Fred - The Holy Knight of Freege

Kills: 10 Deaths: 1 Exp: 126

After the war, Fred returned to the Freege's land and contributed to its reconstruction. He later married a young woman who was his commander, but their ages were so far apart that he was constantly teased about it.

Olwen is 18 and Fred is 25.

Pahn - The Thief of Dakia

Kills: 0 Deaths: 0 Exp: 93

Saying he would be returning to his hometown, Pahn left Leaf and disappeared. Various rumors abound regarding his life after that, with some saying that he became a thief again, and others claiming that he helped Tahra's reconstruction.

Trude - The Man Known as Death

Kills: 0 Deaths: 0 Exp: 0

After the war, Trude disappeared. No one has seen him since, but rumors say that he returned to being a mercenary.

"The Man Known as Death" ... "0 Kills". Okay then.

Seram - The Dark Magician

Kills: 62 Deaths: 0 Exp: 3422

After the war, Seram retired to a small rural village and began writing memoirs of his life. His documents proved to be valuable resources for future historians to understand what the Lopto Church was really like.

Sure, the RNG may have hated you, but you got an A in staves and told the RNG to suck it. And move. You really liked move.

Tina - The Charming Cleric

Kills: 0 Deaths: 6 Exp: 1152

Even after returning to Tahra, Tina never was able to sit still. Ever obvlivious, she would often go wandering about unattended, worrying those around her, especially her sister. Did the day ever come where she would finally settle down? We'll never know, since no such records exist.

The Thief staff is awesome, you're awesome

Linoan - The Lone Flower of Tahra

Kills: 21 Deaths: 1 Exp: 3267

Linoan returned to Tahra and dedicated her life to rebuilding her trampled hometown. Tahra eventually found prosperity greater than ever before, and also served to aid Leaf in his development of the New Kingdom of Thracia. Linoan never married despite her beauty.

Proof a good staff rank is all you really need. Good offense didn't hurt either.

Dean - The Hero of the Skies

Kills: 19 Deaths: 1 Exp: 490

After the war, Dean accompanied the injured Arionne to Southern Thracia. It was another several years before Dean emerged again as the commander of the New Kingdom of Thracia's Dragon Knights.

Eda - Dragon Knight of Thracia

Kills: 0 Deaths: 0 Exp: 0

After the New Kingdom of Thracia was established, Eda stayed by Altenna's side and comforted her emotionally devastated master. Due to her loyalty and earnestness, she never sought out her own happiness, and devoted her life to rebuilding Thracia and supporting Altenna.

Homeros - Traveling Bard

Kills: 31 Deaths: 2 Exp: 1856

He continued traveling as a bard, singing songs of Leaf's saga all across Thracia. Because it was based on his true experience, this saga was loved more widely by the people of Thracia than any other saga.

Shanam - The Fake Prince

Kills: 3 Deaths: 0 Exp: 257

Instead of working for the New Kingdom of Thracia, Shanam returned to his hometown in Isaac. He then quit being a mercenary and lived a normal life.

Oh Shanam. Half-price stuff is awesome, and for a moment I lived a crazy dream of making you good.

Ralph - A Traveling Mercenary

Kills: 1 Deaths: 0 Exp: 48

Putting down his sword, Ralph took up farming to help rebuild Thracia's trampled lands. Nothing else about him remains in the records.

Miranda - The Stouthearted Princess

Kills: 0 Deaths: 0 Exp: 0

While waiting for Leaf in Alster, Miranda fell in love with a certain knight and disappeared. Despite her short temper, it is said that she lived happily as a wife and as a mother.

Conomore - A Knight of Alster

Kills: 3 Deaths: 0 Exp: 0

Conomore quit being a knight and retired to a small village on the outskirts of Alster, where he quietly lived the rest of his days.

Xavier - The Loyal Veteran

Kills: 11 Deaths: 0 Exp: 114

Xavier worked alongside Leaf to build the New Kingdom of Thracia. His rich experience and vast knowledge served to be extremely valuable in making important decisions, and the youths in the New Thracia's government often looked to him for advice.

Fuck you Xavier.

Delmud - The Charismatic Knight

Kills: 10 Deaths: 0 Exp: 451

After the war, Delmud accompanied his cousin Ares to Agustria. With their hard work, Agustria was united and led to prosperity.

Galzus - The Dark Swordsman of Odo

Kills: 11 Deaths: 0 Exp: 0

After liberating Manster, Galzus disappeared. There are no records, legends, or even rumors about his life thereafter.

Sara - Shaman of Tragic Fate

Kills: 60 Deaths: 2 Exp: 3248

Sara quietly disappeared after the war. Legends say that she lived a peaceful life under Leaf's protection

They said you were a glass cannon. You preferred to be a regular cannon. A reinforced regular cannon. A reinforced warping regular cannon.

Eyrios - The Ambitious Knight

Much to his joy, Eyrios was granted nobility in the New Kingdom of Thracia. However, politics apparently weren't his strong point, and management of his land ended in utter failure. He wasn't punished very severely since he contributed in New Thracia's establishment, but he was dropped down to an unimportant slack post. In his boredom, he would often catch unsuspecting personnel and ramble about his past days of glory.

Sleuf - A Blagi Priest

After the war, instead of returning to the Tower of Blagi, Sleuf traveled around the continent spreading the teachings of Edda. Sleuf inspired other priests to do the same, and the Edda Church eventually became one of the leading religions of the continent.

Misha - Rider of the Winds

After returning home, Misha joined the Silesian Pegasus Knights. She later particpated in the Silesian Liberation Wars, and after the New Kingdom of Silesia was established, she became the first commander of the new Silesian Pegasus Knights. A talented and just leader, she earned deep trust from both her superiors and her subordinates.

Amalda - The Despairing Knight

Amalda returned to the Freeges and helped rebuild their land. With most of the Freeges defeated in Nothern Thracia, they had lost much of their power as a nation. However, with Amalda and other people's hard work, the Freeges slowly began to regain their former glory.

Cyas - The Bishop of Crimson Flame

Cyas returned to Velthomer and helped restore the trampled land. His talent was later recognized by Celice, and he went into the service of the New Kingdom of Granbell, where he contributed greatly to its reconstruction.

And here we go...

Coming in 5th place, we have...

Fergus - The Free Knight

Kills: 121 Deaths: 2 Exp: 3198

Fergus disappeared like the wind after the war. Some said that he was prince of Conote. Others claimed that he was the legendary knight Beowulf's bastard child. The rumors and speculations about him never ceased, and now, the truth has been shrouded in mystery.

More than likely both of these are true. He can use the Blade of Blagi, so he has Holy Blood, and he can use Beo's sword.

You were consistently awesome, we'll miss you Fergus.

And next up, tied for 3rd place, we have...

Marita -Swordmaster of the Stars

Kills: 124 Deaths: 1 Exp: 3704

Ashamed of her weakness of being taken over by the dark blade, Marita set out on a journey to train herself. She eventually grew to become a great and famous swordmaster, but she always kept saying, "My mother was much more skilled than I'll ever be."


Makua - The Sword of Raging Storms

Kills: 124 Deaths: 3 Exp: 3439

After the war, Machua helped rebuild Manster. She later married a former comrade and had children, but she never lost her passion for rebuilding her hometown.

You're alright Makua. You're one of the only female Heroes, and you're damn good at it. You'll also notice a trend of not mentioning other characters by name in these endings, even though Makua obviously married Bryton.

And against all odds, in second place, somehow (I mean seriously how!?)...

Leaf - Lenster's Prince

Kills: 126 Deaths 2 Exp: 3712

Leaf led the Jugdral Liberation Wars along with Celice. After securing Barhara, he continued to travel around the continent, liberating those under oppression. In the Gran Year 780, Leaf united Northern and Southern Thracia into the New Kingdom of Thracia, where he declared himself king. Along with his queen, Nanna, and his sister, Altenna, he carried on the legacy of Dain and Nova, devoting his life to maintaining peace and prosperity in his nation. As long as history exists in Thracia, the legendary King Leaf's name will never be forgotten...

You're the worst lord, but you did alright by us Leaf.

It's the moment you've all been waiting for. The MVP of Thracia 776 is...

Karin - The Cheery Pegasus Knight

Kills: 173 Deaths: 3 Exp: 3859

After returning to Silesia, she fulfilled her long-awaited dream and became a full-fledged Pegasus Knight. There are no records of her doing anything extraordinary, but she is remembered as being a distinguished member of the Silesia Pegasus Knights.

No records of doing anything extraordinary? I think murdering everything and everyone counts as extraordinary.