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Original Thread: Yas Queen: Fire Emblem Three Houses: Crimson Flower Maddening



About the Game

Fire Emblem: Three Houses is the 15th main title in the titular franchise, released in 2019 by Nintendo on the Switch. Taking the role of Byleth, a teacher at the Officer's Academy, a military school in Fodlan, the player must guide their students through trials and tribulations and try to discover the mystery of what is happening at the Academy and in the World at large. A turn based strategy game that was widely praised, it continued the example set by Fire Emblem Fates by splitting the game up into various routes, determined by the House the player chooses at the beginning of the game.

Owing to its popularity, Nintendo maintained DLC support through the game in the year after its release, crucially releasing a "Maddening" difficulty in September of 2019.

I'm not going to lie when I say that I love this game. Maddening especially. The freedom that you have to build your characters into killing machines resembles Fire Emblem Awakening in its creativity and Maddening makes pursuing that optimisation feel so much more rewarding.

About the LP

As mentioned earlier, Three Houses has multiple routes that you can follow. A prior LP, by Rea: Fire Emblem: Three Houses, or: 3 Fires, 3 Emblems, 3 Houses got through three of the four routes, ending after an amazing effort, just before the final route, Crimson Flower. The intent of this LP is to finish that route and that route alone.

To that extent, knowledge of the OTHER routes will be taken as given, you don't need to spoiler tag anything to do with them. But please keep any spoilers to do with the Crimson Flower route under tags until we get to the events.

The LP will be done on Maddening difficulty under New Game settings, so a run that would get a player the special title screen for its completion. The intent of the LP is to demonstrate (my opinion on) how to play Maddening and show tricks on dealing with each level under very limited resources.

It should be noted, that whilst the intent of the LP is to finish off Three Houses where Rea left off, the LP itself isn't intended as a pure continuation of the original. I don't know what pairings or ideas Rea had for the old LP and I have my own fun ideas for what I want to do with the characters.

Additionally this LP will take the form of a very very heavily edited VLP. The format, whilst typically not as good for Fire Emblem games, lends itself well to how I want to explain Maddening mode strategy and my own preferences as a player.

I'll be recording with a rotating host of colour commentators who'll ask me questions and point out dumb stuff that I did, I'll credit them as we go along.

The LP will update intermittently. The format, as mentioned, requires very heavy editing, so is more taxing on my time than a regular video. ((Additionally gameplay time requirements are much longer))

About Discourse

Discussion around Edelgard, the protagonist of this route, in the fanbase and across the internet, is for lack of a better word, appalling. I am absolutely determined that this thread does not sink into people screaming at each other over this.

There is absolutely a legitimate discussion to have around the morality and efficacy of what Edelgard does in this route and I am certain that we are capable of having that discussion in a way that's productive and engaging. That being said, if I get a whiff of someone attacking another poster or see drivebys of "Edelgard is a fascist" landing here, I will not be above locking the thread until next update or reporting offending posts to the moderators. This is a request to please be sensible and please be considerate of other posters, even if you fundamentally disagree with them.


White Clouds
Episode 01 - Prologue - With Alxprit
Episode 02 - Mock Battle - With Alxprit
Episode 03 - Familiar Scenery - With Hunt11
Episode 04 - The Magdred Ambush - With Alxprit
Episode 05 - The Goddess's Rite of Rebirth - With Mustachionut
Episode 06 - Tower of Black Winds - With Alxprit
Episode 07 - Rumors of a Reaper - With Myself??
Episode 08 - Field of the Eagle and Lion - With Bifauxnen
Episode 09 - The Flame in the Darkness - With Alxprit
Episode 10 - The Cause of Sorrow - With Fedule
Episode 11 - Where The Goddess Dwells - With Alxprit
Episode 12 - Throne of Knowledge - With Alxprit
Episode 12.5 - Paralogeddon
Episode 13 - Outset of a Power Struggle - With Bifauxnen

Crimson Flower
Episode 14 - Beyond Escape - With Alxprit
Episode 15 - The Master Tactician - With Mustachionut
Episode 16 - Tempest of Swords and Shields - With Alxprit
Episode 17 - Lady of Deceit - With Seri
Episode 18 - Paralogue Roundup 2 - With Bifauxnen
Episode 19 - Field of Revenge - With ZeShado
Episode 20 - To End a Dream - With Alxprit
Crimson Flower But Needlessly Tragic

Unit Reviews

Hubert von Vestra
Dorothea Arnault
Ferdinand Von Aegir
Petra Macneary
Linhardt von Hevring
Bernadetta von Varley
Caspar von Bergliez
Constance con Nuvelle
Lysithea von Ordelia
Shamir Nevrand
Leonie Pinelli
Felix Hugo Fraldarius
Annette Fantine Dominic
Marianne von Edmund
Lorenz Hellman Gloucester
Raphael Kirsten
Manuela Casagranda
Edelgard von Hresvelg
Jeritza von Hrym

Bonus Content!

Character Growth Progress 1
Character Growth Progress 2-1
Character Growth Progress 2-2
The Shadow Library 1
The Shadow Library 2
Fire Emblem Three Houses - Managing the Monastery


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