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by Yahtzee

Part 12

This is a short update. It also has no speech bubbles at all. If a strong wind just blew past your house, that was probably from everyone taking a sharp intake of breath.

Conrad's obligation to the city is complete and he's worked himself out of a job. We have an appointment with a forger.

This exchange, I suspect, has been inserted because Delphine think we're all idiots.

I don't really want to get to know you THAT well, Jack.

Yes, I know. You said that, like, two hours ago. I remember.

We hand over the money and Jack hands over... an ID card exactly like the one we had earlier. The one we gave away to get a work permit in order to pay for an ID card. FUCK YOU, NEW WASHINGTON.

This bearded troll has materialised outside the Cyber Tower entrance.

And the very act of handing him our ID causes Conrad to be instantly transported to the bottom of Cyber Tower. So we're on TV now, right? I guess there's no need for make-up when you've got NO FACE.

Okay. Cyber Tower. Let me first say that I'm not going to screengrab the whole thing - hey, where're you going? Come back! I have a pretty neat alternative. You see, Cyber Tower is pretty much just a sequence of jumping puzzles and cyborg gunfights, and any attempt to use my usual comic book technique would result in a very repetitive adventure in cyborgs getting shot at while making Beano comics exclamations like "Ooyah!". There are no NPCs, dialogue, plot points or complex puzzles to mock, and now we understand the patterns for killing cyborgs and robot spheres, it's also pretty easy.

So, rather than subject us all to a crapload of screenshots, I got my Fraps on and made a video. I did what you're supposed to do when you need to summarise an arduous sporting event: I made a montage.

Here it is

I'm quite impressed by how the music syncs up, considering I pasted it in randomly after I'd already stitched the clips together.

BONUS: I made an alternative, sillier version of the montage for people with less sophisticated senses of humour.

Here it is

That's all you're getting for this update. What more do you want? I put a lot of work into those videos, you jerks.

Next Update: The Man Who Fell To Earth (and got shot at by cops a whole bunch)