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Part 13

If you watched my montage you'll notice it cuts out during a fight with a dude on level 1. He was the end boss, and the very split-second you deliver the killing blow, we cut instantly to a cinematic.

Conrad, who looks for all the world like someone emptied a bucket of water on his head just before he came on, is congratulated by a false smile in a pink suit.

Another of those Titan / TitanS Travel discrepancies. This is all expenses paid, right?

"We were not sure how to convey this with images. Enjoy our text."

This is the Star Providence, allegedly. It may look familiar to those of you who enjoy BBC science fiction sit-coms.

The warps across space in a blink-and-you'll-miss-it sequence that was very difficult to meaningfully screengrab.

We're deposited in Earth spaceport, where the streets are paved with gold, if by 'gold' you mean 'sickly yellow'.

We hand over the ID card we worked so hard for, and the hobbit behind the desk takes it and doesn't give it back.

You have to have your wits about you on Earth's mean streets. Conrad's wits are currently working at 50% capacity.

Here's something weird. This cop doesn't actually attack you.

Until, that is, you walk through the door to his left.

I guess there are a lot of unspoken rules in future Earth society. It's like how in Victorian times gentlemen were expected to walk on the outside of the pavement, only now you can get murdered for it.

There's another cop outside, as well as a glorious return for the trundley robots with the big electric wangs.

I really can't be bothered to deal with the little jerk right now so I make straight for the elevator.

And then... oh christ. And then we're set upon by another cop, ANOTHER trundley robot (behind the pillar, bottom right) and TWO sphere robots. Conrad's mind finally snaps.

Two more cops in the next room. Conrad finally snaps.

Many cops lost their lives that day to Conrad's outburst of rage. A local resident who witnessed the assault described the mysterious jacketed lunatic as 'angry like a raging goat'.

Killing everything in this room makes another cop show up to check on a job well done.

Once the red mist clears, Conrad finds himself in one of the few populated streets. The people in the background stand perfectly still at all times. Either because moving is against the law or they're afraid of falling victim to one of the many unfenced two story drops.

Conrad's next course of action is a perplexing one.

He hails a taxi and, for reasons not explained in any previous cutscene or in the comic book backstory, goes to a strip club. The dialogue in these shots reflect my interpretation of events.

After breaking in the front window, Conrad is set upon by various kinds of robot.

It's closed and there's no-one around but robots. I do not know what Conrad hopes to find.

Here's another moment that I was stuck on for a while. In fact, I think this is where I gave up the first time I owned this game, and would not advance further for some years. It's another case of an elevator being hidden in the floor, this time only a weird section of fencing noting its presence. We have to move it to the up position before Conrad can access the top level and ransack it for useful items.

One of which is one of those perspex keys.

The key opens this door, which is also blocked by a Little Green Shower of Bastard. Conrad clearly takes these security measures personally.

There's a switch in one of the upper sections that turns it off, though, and Conrad can proceed to the elevator.

It leads down to a room empty but for various flavours of violence.

Or is it? Standing on the blue chandelier thingy causes a section of wall to move aside and an elevator to rise up. Where is fate leading us now?

Next update: Of Mice And Muesli