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Part 18

In which our hero saves his planet at the expense of another and is royally buttfucked by the grinning sailor of Destiny

Another lift carries away from the brain room. There's another of those bomb dropping things on the ceiling, but if you keep moving there's no reason why it should hurt you.

I guess the Master Brain was more of a general administrator than the queen of a hive mind because there are still morphs around. This room is pretty awkward for roly poly combat but Conrad and save states prevail.

The Morph drops a key that lets us access the lift.

The lift takes us down to a narrow bridge hanging over a somewhat abysmal chamber that I guess goes all the way to the planet's core. Two morphs to soak up here, and they seem to be more aggressive and have more hit points than usual, so maybe this is the end boss fight, I dunno.

LGSBs block the way to the far side. We bypass them by either chucking the teleport receiver or using that bug exploit I mentioned in the last update (in case you were wondering, it doesn't seem to work in previous levels, only in these instances).


You heard the man.

After dropping the pencilcase bomb on the narrow section of platform, hitting the switch makes the platform collapse. Now the screen starts shaking and an alarm is sounding, so that's probably your cue to run.

People made me promise not to cheat and use the teleporter to bypass this and I'm happy to oblige. Somehow it doesn't feel like I've earned the ending unless I run the whole way back.

In the event of emergency you're not supposed to use elevators. Conrad is a play by his own rules bad boy, though.

The same video as before, but in reverse.

Now RUN, you fool! RUN!

Remember these rooms earlier? Remember how I said the floors didn't seem very substantial? That's because they motherfucking collapse at this point.

The very worst thing you could do at this point is accidentally do a runny leapy ledgey grabby jump instead of a plain old running jump. It'd take several crucial seconds to get back on track again and by then you'll have missed your flight.


Perfect timing for another 'elevator that is difficult to see' puzzle, one which ensured I had to repeat this run quite a few times back in the day. DAMN YOU DELPHINE

I dread to think what kind of controls a ship designed for use by a shapechanging amorphous blob race would have, but somehow Conrad adapts.

Conrad kills the Morphs, all the Morphs' friends, the dear sweet grandmothers of the Morphs, and every single life-form that shared a planet with the Morphs. Conrad can be vindictive sometimes.

Conrad takes five to gloat for posterity.

Also, his collar jumps up about six inches for some reason.


Oh, it's The End. The words The and End appear either side of an escape vehicle as it drifts off into the distance, exactly the same way it did at the end of Another World. Delphine find something they like and stick to it.

Well, that's it. The end of Flashback and Conrad's adventure. He's lost in space forever. Maybe some day he'll be rescued, but it's likely that we'll never know. There was no sequel and if anyone says there was they are lying and you should punch them.

The End. Go home.

I don't know what you're scrolling down for, that's the end of the game.


Okay, sorry, that was a bit of a cock tease on my part. I'm not actually going to play through Fade to Black because (a) it sucks and (b) I never finished it. I just thought it would be funny to end the thread this way.

I do have one final matter to raise, though. If anyone has actually completed Fade to Black... could someone tell me how it ends? I've grown quite fond of Conrad B. Hart in our time together and having seen the universe take a galactic dump on him time and time again I just want to know if he ever catches an even break.

So, all that remains is to thank everyone for their support during the course of this Let's Play. It's a pleasure to know I can still make people laugh. Perhaps some day, when time is more permitting, I shall perform for you again.

End Of Thread. Those of you skimming through each page to find the updates can stop now.


People requested them at various points in the thread and I was avoiding doing any proper work this morning so I made a couple more videos. Enjoy.

Morph Killing Demonstration
The Final Escape (music by Bon Jovi)

Also here're the ones I posted previously in the thread in case you missed them.

Two Mutants Killing Each Other
Cyber Tower Montage (music by Survivor)
Cyber Tower Montage, Silly Version(music by Boots Randolph)

Edit: A Possible Future...