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by Yahtzee

Part 5

We're back in heavy mutant territory, having escaped from all that puzzley nonsense upstairs. Time to unwind with violence.

The game thinks it can outfox me by forcing me to drop in between two mutants. Let me reintroduce you to the wonders of the Drop.

Shoot one!

Turn and shoot the other!

It's entirely possible to gun them both down before either has a chance to fire. Such is the greatness of the Drop.

Moving on, and our path is blocked by another of those wretched LGSBs.

A convenient switch is provided to turn it off. Mutants still haven't grasped the subtle nuances of security systems.

But walking through the tripswitch turns the LGSB on again. A dirty trick and no mistake.

Conrad wracks his little faceless brain for a solution to this conundrum.

This time he presses the off switch and jumps over the tripswitch. Crisis averted!

The next screen springs a little robot on us. Remember to get out of the way before it -

- explodes. Nice one, Conrad, if you could just learn to turn around a little bit faster everything could have been lovely.

Embarrassed, Conrad throws himself into his work.

This was lying around nearby. It's a credit card or a credit chip or some kind of futuristic money thing. Better take it before the mutants invest it irresponsibly.

Those two circular things are gun turrets, but they don't seem to have been activated. Between them is what is ostensibly a key, which Conrad makes his own.

In the future, keys are made from transparent perspex blocks. This is so that potential key thieves are unable to see them from a distance and if they have bad eyesight.

One more guard in this area, guarding a power generator, a tripswitch, and...

500 credits! Sweet! This little clearing must be the Mutant First National Bank. I activated the tripswitch as I was climbing up here but it doesn't seem to have done anything...


Next update: Finally making use of that ID card from update 4