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Part 9

Each of the computers here give a different job but they have to be done in the order provided. In the future, computers don't have the processing power to display more than one paragraph of text.

100 credits?! Fuck, I made more than that picking bits of change off the floor earlier. Oh well, doesn't sound too hard.

Off we go back to Asia to get the package. In this quadrant, everyone studies really hard and has a thing for schoolgirls.

This is the place, just to the right of where we started off. Incidentally the graphic artists and the text writers couldn't seem to reconcile whether the company was called Titan Travel or TitanS Travel. A small but crucial difference I think you'll agree.

We're given a small package. Judging by the size it can only either contain drugs or somebody's lunch.

According to the job centre it has to go the travel agency in Africa. Back on the tram.

We're stopped outside the travel agency by a lone cop. So it's probably drugs, then, or the cop has something against sandwiches.

Fortunately intelligent use of the forcefield Ian gave us makes fighting cops a lot less painful.

Jesus, more of those loitering Ian lookalikes. Perhaps it's a cult.

"So tell me, is this drugs or lunch?"

"Can't it be both?"

Now we just have to do that 14 more times and we're ready to save the world.

The job centre skips the second computer and goes right onto the third. I was paranoid that the SNES version omitted a mission for whatever reason but I checked a different version FAQ and didn't see any reference to anything.

Escort quests. Awesome. Well, I guess it's just like delivering a package. A big package that walks like a man.

Nice work sticking a research lab in the middle of a warzone, guys. Stellar use of forethought.

Restricted Area 2 is in Africa, and will now be open. Once again we embark on the longest possible tram ride. I hope Conrad likes the smell of hobo wee.

doot doot de doo

Here's our guy. He is distinguishable from Ian and Jack because he can actually walk.

Sadly that's about all he can do. He's about as much use as Emma Emmerich. He can't use lifts, open doors, or defend himself. And if he dies, you're fucked. So it's a typical escort quest.

Mind you it's a whole lot better than the escort quest from Fade to Black, the sequel, when you were expected to guide a wobbly geriatric who had to stop every six feet to remind you of how old he was.

Conrad comforts himself with thoughts of all the wonderful things he will spend his money on when he gets paid.

Incidentally the thing he's jumping over is a mine. All it does is sit there and explode if you step on it, knocking off a shield unit. Some dozy twat forgot to bury it.

Tripping the camera in the middle of the screen makes the door open and we're free to fetch our friend.

There's a mutant here. Mutants have infiltrated New Washington in several places, but no-one does anything about them, because the cops are all too busy shooting at me and everyone else is too busy leaning against things with their arms folded.

Strangely, I shot the mutant from the left and he hurled himself towards rather than away from me. Special effects fuckup, I think.

Anyway the mutant was guarding a key that goes in this lock which opens the first of the two doors down below.

We head right and kill another mutant. No visible way of opening the doors yet, so all we can do is continue.

In the next room we're introduced to another new enemy, the robot spheres. Wikipedia seems to think this is a reference to the Phantasm films. Personally, I think it's a reference to lazy animators. They're just spheres that fly towards you and try to zap you with electricity, and they can't sink below eye level, so ducking renders them harmless.

Once you start shooting them they can't get any closer, because being damaged makes them temporarily stop. They have far too many hit points, so battles with them basically come down to facing in one direction and taping down the fire button.

Once they're both sorted out Conrad can take the key from the top floor and return to the escort.

All that remains is to escort him onto the lift in the next room.

Teleported instantly back to the job centre, Conrad is raring to go for his next assignment. What could it be?

Next update: Channelling Ridley Scott