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Original Thread: A new state of matter, a new state of mind (Let's Play Fluidity)



Fluidity is a relaxing WiiWare 2D physics puzzle platforming collectathon. You go around collecting Rainbow Drops (stars, jiggies) which open up worlds to visit, four in all. The gimmick? You are water. Released in 2010 by Curve Studios to mostly positive reviews, the game seems relatively unknown. It doesn't have an FAQ on GameFAQs, only some marked up screenshots showing all of the collectibles. Still, it's fun and deserving of a play. Despite the childish looks, the game has some of the most insane platforming challenges I've played.

This will be an 100% run, which means I will be collecting all of the 89 Rainbow Drops and 60 Puzzle Pieces. Fluidity likes to mix worlds up: some Rainbow Drops in the first world can only be gotten after you get the last ability in the game, so certain areas remain fresh. Unfortunately, for the OCD among you, this means I won't be completing each level to entirety in order. Most backtracking is just a level select and a warp away, so I'll cut out or speed up the most tedious of it. I'll be doing about 5 or so drops per video. After every world's boss is defeated, I'll do a bonus video showing off the playroom, and a collection video or two.

Episode 0: The Tutorial

Tutorial Music

Episode 1: An easy start
Episode 2: Gather
Episode 3: OCD means doing things the hard way
Episode 4: In the Hall of the Mountain Boss

Left Middle Right

Left Middle Right

Episode 5: An Ice Gesture
Episode 6: A STICKy Situation
Episode 7: All Physics Puzzles in Fluidity can be Solved with Gather
Episode 8: Pinballs and Puzzles
Episode 9: A long boss, a long jump

Left Middle Right

Left Middle Right

Episode 10: In the Cloud
Episode 11: the Historically Inaccurate Aztec
Episode 12: ...that episode
Episode 13: The Aztec Really Loved Annoying Puzzles
Episode 14: Multi-panel Madness
Episode 15: Balloons

Left Middle Right

Left Middle Right

Episode 16: Beside the Sea
Episode 17: some Robots, some Flowers, an awful Minigame, some Platforming
Episode 18: Suspicious Fish
Episode 19: People Bathe in Strange Locations
Episode 20: HELL ROOM

Left Middle Right

The seaside reuses music assets (not even a new MIDI channel), so these are links to older songs, but here are the appropriate tracks.
Left Middle Right

Episode 21: Mountain Montage
Episode 22: City Business
Episode 23: Moving on, Live edition
Episode 24: Seaside Collection
Episode 25: The End
Episode 26: No More Fakeouts

Fluidity also has a great relaxing soundtrack to go along with it, done by these excellent guys. I'll be posting cleaned-up rips of me sitting at the pause screen. I have some MIDIs that sound terrible because they have no instrument data. If for some reason somebody wants the MIDIs, I'll post those too. I've linked the tracks based on where they're found in their respective chapters above.

Other Music

Main Menu
Main Menu (Looping)
Boss Theme
Playroom Theme
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