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Foreign Legion: Multi-Massacre

by GamesAreSupernice

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Original Thread: A lonely bloodbath. - Let's Play Foreign Legion: Multi-Massacre [VLP]



Let's Play Foreign Legion: Multi-Massacre

Foreign Legion is an original IP made by a development studio that usually makes everything but original IPs. It's a multiplayer sequel to a relatively unknown single-player third person shooter that came out way back in 2009. It contains some of the maps from its prequel, a zombie horde mode, and not a lot else. That being said, I found it satisfying to play, and its simplicity and strange art style made me think of it more as a curiosity than a failure. So let's take a lonely single-player trek through a primarily multi-player experience, and mindlessly murder hundreds of tiny cartoon humans.


1. A Night on The Town

2. Cabin In The Woods

3. Terrorists Win

Bonus Video: The last weapon.

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