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Original Thread: Don't wake me from my Fragile Dreams: Farewell Ruins of the Moon [VLP]



What is Fragile Dreams and why is Dith LPing it?
Fragile Dreams: Farewell Ruins of the Moon is a Japanese action/adventure game released on the Wii in 2009 developed by Namco and published by XSeed in the States.

The story is about a boy named Seto who travels Japan in search of survivors after an unknown calamity struck the Earth and his experiences with those survivors. A lot of the story is inferred, but I'll be providing my viewpoint on the plot during this LP.

The game wasn't very well received, but I enjoyed it quite a lot and want to show it off. I really like the atmosphere of this game.

Fragile Dreams follows a rather small cast of characters. I'm only going to introduce the main character since I think the game flows better if you don't know about the upcoming characters.


Seto is a sheltered teenager who was taken care of by his grandfather in a small astronomical observatory somewhere in Japan. He is a somewhat shy kid, but he's by no means a coward since he shows no fear in the face of enemies.
Deep-down Seto really doesn't want to spend the rest of his life alone and this is why he wants to find other people.

How will this LP work?

I will be collecting all items (weapons, memory items, health items, etc.) in the game. I will also be showing off as many easter eggs and things like that. It's a 100% Let's Play, unlike the other one on archive.

This is post-commentary with my friend (TheGeekLord) who co-commentated on my Ape Escape 3 LP.

All the non-story memory items are posted in separate videos.

Alright, now it's time to kill some ghost jellyfish.

Part #1: Introduction and Personal Frame

Part #2: The Underground Subway Station

Part #2.5: Chatting with Personal Frame

Part #3: The Mall

Part #3.5: Memory Items (Torn Letter, Dictionary, Game Cartridge, Cracked Milk Bottle, Cell Phone)

Part #4: The Carnival

Part #4.5: Memory Items (Soda Bottle, Dog Collar, Deflated Balloon, Class Photo, Broken Bomb Detonator, Dirty Shoe)

Part #5: The Hotel

Part #6: The Hotel Part 2

Part #6.5: Memory Items (Mug, Self-Help Book, Key to the Chapel, Ring Pillow, Dad's Ring, Wedding Bouquet, Torn Picture 1-4)

Part #7: The Sewers

Part #7.5: Memory Items (Work Datebook, Radio)

Part #8: The Dam

Part #8.5: Memory Items (Compass, Secret Map, Glittering Stone, Cookie Tin, Worn-Out Collar, Pendant)

Part #9: The Dam Part 2

Part #10: The Sewers Part 2

Part #10.5: Seven Colored Bells

Part #11: The Glass Cage Project

Part #11.5: Memory Items (Baby Sock, Ledger, Pen, Scientist's Mug, Journal, Assistant's Mug, Withered Plant, Sedative, Guitar, Tailored Jacket)

Part #12: Tokyo Tower

Part #13: Concept Art

Part #14: Fragdre Stream 1/2

Part #15: Fragdre Stream 2/2

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