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Original Thread: Let's Play Fragile Dreams: Farewell Ruins of the Plot [VLP]



Let's Play Fragile Dreams: Farewell Ruins of the Plot

Fragile Dreams: Farewell Ruins of the Moon is an RPG that wants to be a survival horror game that wants to be an adventure game. Rather than focussing on being scary, as you might expect from that description, it instead focusses on being melancholy (that is a nice way of saying depressing).

Fragile was developed by Tri-Crescendo, a team who's previous work as a self-contained development studio consisted entirely of the battle systems (and only the battle systems) of the Baten Kaitos games as well as a little game called Eternal Sonata. Yes, these people made that game about an imaginary world Chopin thinks up on his deathbed where terminal illness gives people super powers, famous for featuring a flashback containing another flashback to earlier in the flashback (why are we not LPing that?). Prior to any of that they were Tri-Ace's sound team.

This is Seto, we'll be playing as him. At the outset of the game he has just buried the old man who raised him and is, as far as he is aware, the last remaining living human being.

Fragile is a game that I had played through before deciding to LP and somehow enjoyed but it is not a good game. It absolutely reeks of executive meddling and being rushed out of the door. Mechanically, the game tries to justify calling itself an RPG by having a basic levelling mechanic while otherwise revolving mostly around extremely basic action based combat and inventory management. All of this is rendered incredibly clunky by a control scheme that seems to be intended for slow paced investigation of the environment more than anything else. Despite that, the game rarely comes across as actually broken, it for the most part works, just not at all smoothly.

The writing is something else. Not wanting to spoil anything, for now I'll just say that it's seven colour(ed bell)s of anime pretentious.

Pork Lift went in completely blind, he spent the first recording session sleep deprived, cranky and expecting to utterly despise the game because anime. Let's just say that the arc of his relationship with the game should be worth following this for on its own.

If you already own this game and intend to play it but have not yet gotten around to doing so, please play until you stop being able to take it seriously before watching this LP. One of the few things the game has going for it is that it is pretty good at creating an atmosphere and our style of commentary is pretty likely to wreck that. Why are we playing it then? Like all of the targets we have in mind for LPing, Fragile was selected based on its high concentration of riffing material.

The Real OP

Ignore the stuff up above, this is the real OP for winners and cool people.

Hey there the Internet, welcome to Stevie the Moon Man's Anime Ghostbusters, an important game about ghosts and anime and cats. This is a game which no one ever played, that is until we did. Then we recorded it! It came out on the Wii which is a little bit like the Playstation Move. I think it maybe only came out in Europe?


Stevie the Moon Man
Stevie is a cool dude who is just chilling out at the end of the universe. He's one of those badass dudes who can wear a baby blue trench coat and just make it work, you know? Guy fights ghost jellyfish and also sometimes dogs and makes friends with backpacks. He has a busy life, all told. He isn't afraid of anything at all. Well, except maybe the crushing loneliness of being the last person alive.

Kadaj (カダージュ, Kadāju?) is the main antagonist of Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children until the last act. Taking Kadaj's unbalanced personality into account, Kadaj self-assuredly leads the Remnants of Sephiroth competently to their constant subordinance. Since the early moments of Kadaj's life, along with the other Remnants, he's lived only to find Jenova, quite mainly because Kadaj arguably rightly sees Jenova to be Mother, to bring about what Kadaj calls the reunion. Kadaj is, without shame, a deeply emotionally unbalanced, amoral individual, similar to a demented child, consistent with being aware of leading a life of basically being a puppet, only being part of a person.

Robo-Kazooie is everything a man could need in a companion, tape reels and all. Sometimes she worries that you don't think she's pretty but mostly she just wants to kick back and have a good time, looking at the moon, that sort of thing. She is pretty much the best thing left after the end of the world and I think you can cook waffles with her. I foresee a long and rewarding friendship.

Chicken Guy
The Chicken Guy is a pretty typical chicken, in that he operates his own black market of sticks and butterfly nets. Normal chicken stuff all told. That doesn't stop him from being an awesome dude who will just sometimes come and shoot the shit with Stevie and Robo-Kazooie.

The Plot So Far

The game follows the story of Stevie The Moon man, a guy who survived past the end of the world and who I guess is now lonely? So far he has met a floating luchadore mask and has learnt about the moon. Also he looked at a lamp. After this, he met a 3rd of sephiroth's persona who ran away when he groped at her. He really should have known better but maybe common courtesy is different when the world ends? We'll have to find out! Anyway, next stevie met a talking backpack and the two of them have been wandering round an abandoned mall for a while. They played hide and seek with a dead girl, which was nice.


Robokazooie is dead and I am DESTROYED. Now we're wandering around an amusement park trying to chase a guy from Mystery Science Theatre

This OP will be given more detail as more details arise.

Yes, I'm afraid so. But not all the time!

Table of Contents

Actually What the Thread is Supposed to be About

Episode 1: Stevie the Moon Man YouTubeViddler
Episode 2: The Wind Beneath My WingsYouTubeViddler
BONUS: Episode 2 Music video warning: can cause deafness or laughter Viddler
Episode 3: Go Left YouTubeViddler
Episode 4: Hide And Go Seek YouTubeViddler
Episode 5: Awkward Robot Laughter YouTubeViddler
Episode 6: Butt Crow YouTubeViddler
Episode 7: WHY DID THIS TAKE ME 12 HOURS TO MAKE? YouTubeViddler
Episode 8: Remember that I was Alive YouTubeViddler
Episode 9: I'm Different! YouTubeViddler
Episode 10: LOOK IN MY EYES WHILE I PEE YouTubeViddler
Episode 11: A Deflated Balloon YouTubeViddler
Episode 12: I Am Not Free YouTubeViddler
Episode 13: On Pirates and their Manners YouTubeViddler
Episode 14: Things That Friends DoYouTubeDailymotion
Episode 15: Hearing VoicesYouTubeDailymotion
Episode 16: This story has left us in AkaneYouTubeDailymotion
Episode 17: Alone in the Dark (of the Second Floor Corridor)YouTubeDailymotion
Episode 18: You Looked ColdYouTubeDailymotion
Episode 19: Rooks on the RoofYouTubeDailymotion
Episode 20: It's A Hassle to ExplainYouTubeDailymotion
Episode 21: Unnecessary BacktrackingYouTubeDailymotion
Episode 22: Little Miss IssuesYouTubeDailymotion
Episode 23: How WeirdYouTubeDailymotion
Episode 24: CorridorYouTubeDailymotion
Episode 25: Seven Coloured BellsYouTubeDailymotion
Episode 26: ProfessionalismYouTubeDailymotion
Episode 27: I Feel Like We've Returned EnoughYouTubeDailymotion
Episode 28: Thank Us for the Many Entertaining EpisodesYouTubeDailymotion
Episode 29: Walkways and Whack-a-MoleYouTubeDailymotion
Episode 30: ExplorersYouTubeDailymotion
Episode 31: GHOST POWERSYouTubeDailymotion
Episode 32: The Trouble with TorchesYouTubeDailymotion
Episode 33: Corridor 2YouTubeDailymotion
Episode 34: Lost and ConfusedYouTubeDailymotion
Episode 35: Education!YouTubeDailymotion
Episode 36: BisquitsYouTubeDailymotion
Episode 37: Where is My Cat At?YouTubeDailymotion
Episode 38: Your Existence Amounts to Nothing More Than A Goldfish Swimming UpriverYouTubeDailymotion
Episode 40: Obv. Rm.YouTubeDailymotion

Pork Lift lost the video for these last couple of updates so we had to rerecord. The Tindeck links are the commentary from our original run for anyone who wants that.

Episode 41: Welcome to HellTindeck YouTube Dailymotion
Episode 42: Tokyo TowerTindeck YouTube Dailymotion

People Doing Our Job for Us

BeSwedes posted:

You guys missed the most interesting green text in the mall:

(Linked because it might be kinda spoilery)

BeSwedes posted:

I'm a video late with this, but wateyad/Pork Lift missed the memory item that fits in between the Scientist's Mug and the Assistant's memory: Journal. It adds some context to the later mug memory item. If anyone cares I can record the other 4 or 5 memory items that were missed too.

I'm also a little late with these too, but have some textures:
[Thing from Episode 39]
[Thing from Episode 39]

BeSwedes posted:

Here are the other missing memory items:

Dirty Shoe
Ring Pillow
Wedding Bouquet
Engraved Pen

The Ring Pillow and the Wedding Bouquet are part of the arc from the hotel about a couple getting married, though probably by this point nobody remembers that.

By the way, every space is in fact used when you have a full inventory.


Hel posted:

I was inspired to make some bad fanart for [episode 20].

Hel posted:

Meanwhile at the teacups(more bad fanart):

Red Rover posted:

[Episode 32 Spoilers]

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The following four videos were originally posted in Hbomberguy's Two Worlds thread but I figured these may as well all be indexed together.

The Other World is Anime!!!!!! (YuiTube)(DailyMio)
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Pork Lift posted:

My awesome cool friend made an amazing thing that you should all watch.

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