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Fran Bow

by DreamShipWrecked

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Original Thread: Cat Drugs, The Game. Let's Play Fran Bow!



Fran Bow is the adventure of a little girl whose parents had a minor accident and ended up being murdered by hellspawn. What's worse, she lost her best friend, her darling cat Mr. Midnight! Locked into a high security mental institution by mistake, she has to prove her sanity through talking to animals and entering the spirit realm through a jar of pills she stole from a nurse. Anything to save her good friend Mr. Midnight!

This game is a typical point-and-click adventure game with an interesting twist. By taking a certain kind of pill Fran is able to cross into a "Pill World" full of monsters and creatures, but also secrets and ways for her to advance. Sometimes the world is the same structure as the real one, sometimes it teleports her to an entirely new place. Fran's staggeringly high metabolism allows her to bounce back and forth between worlds at a whim, which allows for interesting plot and puzzle solving. Which world is real and which is fake? Who even knows?

I will be running this as a subtitled VLP in order to preserve some of the lovely atmosphere of the game. As with most games please do not post spoilers, even in censor bars. It just ruins things for everyone.

And with that, let's get to the show!


Section 1: The Asylum
Episode 1: Metabolism
Episode 2: Shadows

Section 2: The Forest
Episode 3: Beetlepig
Episode 4: Golden Cage
Episode 5: Double Header

Section 3: The Vegetables
Episode 6: Mr. Midnight's Day Out
Episode 7: The Doctor
Episode 8: Mecha-Valoka
Episode 9: Library Card
Episode 10: The Stones

Section 4: The Return
Episode 11: Itward
Episode 12: Insane Little Girls
Episode 13: White Rabbit
Episode 14: Denial

Section 5: The Truth
Episode 15: Bad Neighborhood
Episode 16: Mabuka
Episode 17: Return
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