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Part 20: 19 - Endgame

Let's play Endgame
This is not the end of the game.

Hey, guess what I'm really excited to get in this level?

Briefing & Level
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I am a fine example of the Human race. Yet still an Ensign...
I always felt like being transferred every 3 missions probably means they all just want to be rid of me, despite what they say. Probably think I'm a traitor, since I'm always the only one to come home alive. Now they don't even want me around other human beings. Next time: adventures with Vasudans.

Let's meet the Tornado some more! Also Osiris and Reconstruction.

I think I've about covered it in level. Tornadoes are very powerful, and very easy to use. Their one downside is that by firing 8 at a time, ships with small banks need to rearm constantly, and they take a while to load off the support ship unlike simpler missiles. Using them in high-capacity ships like the Herc 2 alleviates this somewhat. Personally, I always switch over to them from Harpoons as soon as I can - and unlike many other habits I've broken over the course of these LPs, I stick with that choice.
As it mentions in the description, their one downside over the Hornet is they must have a lock to work, so you can't as easily rapid-fire them as mini-bombs against cruisers like you could with Hornets.

Now, for today's "Random Vasudan ship" segment, the Osiris.

It's a bomber, an old one from FS1. I'll just quote the wiki here:

the wiki posted:

The Osiris, is, simply put, a piece of junk.

Moving on, more between-game history.

If it isn't clear, when I show multiple pictures like this, it fades/animates between them in the data screen for the entry. I did a .gif way back for the GTVA one, but the rest of them aren't really worth the file size and quality loss of keeping animated, since they are basically just cross fades.