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Part 38: 35 - Apocalypse!

Let's play Apocalypse!

Out of order today so the end is at the end...

Let's meet everything left over: Circe, Hornet, Isis, Nephthys, Cutscenes, & A piece of paper with metal in it

I've said as much as is really needed for most of these in some level, but they've all fallen beside making it into a post before.

Circe is shields only. In theory, you could pair it with a Maxim, but both are high energy, and you should just use the Kayser.

Not nearly as strong as in the first game. Quickly replaced by Tornadoes.

This support ship has a visible overhang when it docks. ...Yeah, that's all I have to say about it.

The cutscenes list doesn't show the end movie for some reason.

Here are some pictures of my copy of the game. Thumbnails 'cause they're kinda big. Sorry for the glare and off-center shots, I am incompetent with a camera.

This was rated E? Kinda surprising. I guess they figure "No blood or sex? Go for it!" while ignoring the death screams of all your friends.

Ok, now let's play Apocalypse.

The briefing, from the end of the last video:

Let's go.

Level & Endings
Viddler | Polsy | YouTube HD | Download .mp4

"Until you've watched" spoiler:
 Somehow I don't think I ever put together the "supernovas make nebulae" thing elaborated on in that link earlier on this page that explains the potential FS3 story. I don't know how, 'cause now that seems really obvious. 

Final stats:

Well all, it's been fun. I don't have any further LP plans at the moment, either FS-based or otherwise, which makes this the first day since my regdate I haven't been making or planning an LP, geez... Anyway, someday, something I'm sure.

Thanks for watching.