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Freedom Planet

by SupSuper

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Original Thread: I'm my original character Blonic! Let's Play Freedom Planet



Freedom Planet is a 2014 2D indie platformer inspired by Sega platformers of old like Sonic 3&K, Ristar and Rocket Knight Adventures. It's to the Genesis what Shovel Knight is to the NES. Featuring a colorful 16-bit art style, fast-paced gameplay, multiple playable characters, vast open-ended levels with multiple paths and secrets, and a fantastic soundtrack, it's very much the platformer we wished Sega would make if they could stop driving the Sonic franchise into a ditch, seriously guys it's not funny anymore.

However Freedom Planet is not without its weaknesses. Only 3 of the 5 originally planned characters are playable (one without cutscenes), leaving the plot rather disjointed; the game tends to get enemy-happy and the bosses become repetitive bullet sponges; and then there's... the story. While the devs definitely made an effort to distance themselves from "Sonic fangame", the story is still Deviantart-tier, with a cast of stereotype characters you couldn't give a shit about, tone all over the place, and voice actors so anime they'll make your ears bleed. Don't get me wrong, it's a great game, but if you're playing at home, do yourself a favor and just use Classic mode.

For LP completeness I will be showing off the whole game, cutscenes and all, though you're not obliged to watch them. I'll be playing through with one character and occasionally showing off the rest, as the levels play mostly the same aside from each one's unique level.


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