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Friday The 13th

by Not Dracula

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Original Thread: It's Friday the 13th! Let's Play Friday the 13th



That's right. It's Friday the 13th. If anyone has ever played this game, they know just how much it sucks and how annoying Jason can really be. So, as unfunny as I am, I bring to you this small hell.

It all starts innocent enough, 6 counselors (3 boys, 3 girls) and 15 kiddies at camp. But then, Jason appears to fuck it all to hell. Kids at camp? DEAD. Counselors? DEAD. All will die before the amazing tooth brush of Jason Vorhees.

I'll destroy Jason! If I can...

A little about the game. The goal is to kill Jason Vorhees (actually,  Kill him 3 times ). He runs around Camp Crystal Lake killing innocent children and lowly camp counselors. But WAIT! The camp counselors can fight back! Oh my! Instead of just cowering in corners and have sweet love in the woods in a tent, they grab every rock in the area and just start a stoning the likes of which the world will never see again!

It's a NES game, it's hard, and I like it. Watch Jason kill Mark again and again and again! I'll throw up my failed attempts at bringing freedom to the kids. I hope at least 1 will be able to write home to their parents about the fun they had!

I want to do this in three videos. I'll be damned if anything but impaitence will stop me. Also, the Forest is off limits! It's a trap, there is nothing but pain in there. Pain and Wolves.


Video 1: In which Mark and Paul discover Jason is an asshole.GoogleBackup
Video 2: In which Laura finds out where the wild goose goes.GoogleBackup
Video 3: In which Jason finds humility...For Now. THE END.GoogleBackup
Forest Video!: In which Mark let's himself goGoogleBackup
Failure Video 1: In which Debbie finds herself lackingGoogleBackup
Failure Video 2: In which Paul dies getting a sweater from a headGoogleBackup
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