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Front Mission

by Bob Smith

Part 13: Not quite a smash and grab.

News from the front! The thread is not dead, but I've had a ton and a half of coursework (four pieces due in on the same day, and we only got this news two days previously). However, the adventures of our valiant pilots will continue soon!

Maury. That's a name I'd be glad to see on an obituary. Here's why.

I'd got a new mech. Purple wasn't an ideal colour, but resprays aren't cheap and when you're working with second hand parts it's nice that their all the same colour. The name? Well some of the parts had their old designations on them. E.V.A. External Vernier Armour. Some kind of Special Projects unit. But it made a good missile boat with all the crazy shit stripped off.

We found the pair outside a heavily defended supply base.

They sounded scared to see me.

It's funny, when Natalie got angry she got very 'excited.' Made for interesting viewing over the intercom.

Perhaps we'd got away with it. The location of a USN depot on this scale would be good intel.

God she was going to pay. Heartless bitch!

And pay she did. There is justice.

This was satisfying. Frederick didn't need to state the obvious, though.

The battle was, shall we say, hectic. But by ignoring the fat bitch who had sicced the USN on us, we were able to lure some of them out. I had to beat a retreat, shamefully, to the truck. A fucking command unit outflanked me and damn near tore me a new exhaust port with his MG.

Why she asks? Because although not reinforcing a lost cause isn't a martialable offence, not saving an ejected pilot is. It was honour. But the bitch didn't understand that word.

I'd have said shoot the fucker if Natalie hadn't been listening. But the last thing I wanted was a meeting with the military police.

She swore that at gunpoint. From all nine of us.

But she wouldn't be seeing the front line again. She was going to be cleaning the wanzers. Under armed guard. And facing a tribunal for treason, if I had anything to do with it.

It made me happy to see the Golem had learnt some finesse. Well we still had the Snatcher and the Junker for creating carnage.