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Full Spectrum Warrior

by Iron Chitlin

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Full Spectrum Warrior started life as a simulator developed for the U.S. Army, before it was reworked into a commercial product. The result is an interesting game that plays like little else out there. Also my co-commentators could not care any less about the game so enjoy the video LP version of a shitpost!


I Wish My Hot Cakes Spoke Spanish (Part 1)

"what ius thje name of the hat with the featehe it" (Part 2)

It's Awful, It's Stupid, And I Hate It (Part 3)

I Refuse To Re-record This Garbage (Part 4)

Boring Brown Khaki-Wearing Soldiers (Part 5)

Season 12 of Seinfeld (Part 6)

(cough in sandstorm) (Part 7)

#Sponsored #TacoBell (Part 8)

I'm a Terrible Mexican (Part 9)

Inky, Pinky, Blinky, and Slowmo (Part 10)

UZflipsoffLoco.png (Part 11)


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