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Part 12: Gabriel Knight vs. Malia Gedde

Chapter 12: Gabriel Knight vs. Malia Gedde

The Gedde butler (who, for the record, is also voiced by Tim Curry) reluctantly leads Gabriel into this amazing, lush den/library area, then immediately bolts. Either he has better things to do or he doesn't want to get the stink of commoner on him. Maybe a little of both.

Gabriel waits patiently for a moment ...

... then starts restlessly examining the room.

While the portraits of ladies distract him for a moment, he finds himself drawn to the immense bookshelves.

Soon, the lady herself sneaks into the room.

I'm not entirely sure what that means, and I don't think I want to know.

Once again, his eyes are drawn to the massive collection of books on display. Gabriel quickly sets his mind back on track: after all the trouble it took to get in here, by God he is going to try to woo this lovely woman. First he tests the waters.

That worked well enough! Gabriel prods a little more.

Fair enough.

Although it's no longer the most pressing thing on Gabriel's mind, the murders are still a solid second place. Rather than spoil the mood later on, he decides to start with finding out what she knows.

Alright, let's try this from a different angle.

Well, that settles her opinion on the Voodoo side of things. If she wants to think it's silliness, no problem.

Gabriel changes tack and decides to ask about her personal life.

Sorry Gabriel, nice try, but your hormones just don't match with a black family rising to power and fortune in the height of oppression.

I question if that's really necessary, but since I'm not fabulously wealthy my opinion doesn't matter.

Gate's wide open now. It's time to kick things up a notch.

"We can work around that."

Alright, Gabriel, it's now or never! Time to win her over with that innate Knight family charm!


Oh thank God.

Malia interrupts with this after you've selected Voodoo, Lake Pontchartrain, and Flirt With Her (seen here in all its horrifying glory) once apiece.

Well, shit. Successfully cornered, Gabriel decides it's best to fess up ... at least, somewhat.

"Goddammit. Sink or swim time."

Yeah, whoo. You show him who's boss, girlfriend.

This is not exactly a slam dunk for feminism.

Robert shows up almost immediately after Malia calls. He was probably hanging out near the room, eavesdropping performing important butler duties.

Well, it's not a total loss. She still gave Gabriel the time of day, even knowing that he was there under false pretense. She responded to the flirting right up until it became totally creepy.

Gabriel decides to try and make nice tomorrow, but for now...

Gabriel roars in on his motorcycle just in time for the shop to close.

Like clockwork, Grace heads off to Tai Chi or whatever and Gabriel's left alone to another restless night of sleep.

Sure enough, he's confronted with the same dream again.

Woman in fire, dude staring in horror, leopard transformation.

Blood splashing on the talisman. The dream is exactly the same as before, except...

This time the blood drips onto a strange, curvy dagger.

The dagger begins to glow with a mysterious light.

And with a huge flash... transforms into three intertwined snakes.

The snakes quickly scatter, as snakes do.

The dream continues where it left off, still ending on this cheery note.

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