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Part 17: Gabriel Knight vs. Odds & Ends

Chapter 17: Gabriel Knight vs. Odds & Ends

Once again, Gabriel enters the Dixieland Drug Store, feeling even more out of place than usual. Willy seems as unhappy to see him as always, so he tries once again to strike up some conversation.

Gabriel's not feeling especially eager to give this guy his hard-earned $100. He tries to stall for a little longer.

Ugh, whatever.

Gabriel reluctantly hands over the bill.

Willy happily walks over and collects the mask. He's certainly much more pleasant when money goes his way.

That's cool and all, I guess, but Gabriel is naturally more interested in the other free item promised.

Gabriel takes the gambling potion, suddenly much more eager to leave and never come back. Willy's not done yet though.

Gabriel inspects the merchandise, trying to ignore that crack.

Oh, that's just wonderful. Gabriel's not gonna be drinking any of that anytime soon.

On the way out, he admires his handiwork.

So long, Willy Walker. Burn in hell.

Gabriel has no need for the gambling potion, but he did meet someone who's a bit down on his luck a couple days ago. Since it's pretty close to his next destination anyway, he goes to the Napoleon House.

Sure enough, just like the bartender promised, Sam and Markus are monopolizing the chessboard and Sam is losing pretty damn badly. Gabriel strikes up a conversation.

That's just sad. Still, Stonewall said the only reason he keeps losing is because Markus psyches him out. Maybe we can convince him to try some liquid courage.

Gabriel and Sam convene to their secret meeting place, four feet away at the bar.

Gabriel wisely leaves that open to interpretation and tries convincing him by other means. The bartender said Sam believes in all sorts of Voodoo crap; let's try that.

I have no idea what would make it look authentic, but apparently both Willy and Sam have insight into this sort of thing.

The bartender prepares the drink, not even the slightest bit concerned that Sam's gonna mix some mystery substance in there.

Sam pours tons of the Master Gamblin' Oil into his drink and chugs it down. Gabriel watches, silently hoping there's nothing really bad in that bottle.

The rules have changed. Sam is ready for battle.

Sam resumes his position and begins his work. And surprisingly shortly...

Sam, ever polite in victory, begins pointing and laughing at Markus.

Not listening, Sam begins a little dance.

Markus storms out while Sam fistpumps.

Count on it. In fact, Gabriel decides to ask what Sam knows right now.

That seems fair. Disappointing, but fair. For now, Gabriel decides to let that be his good deed for the day; this is especially important considering what he's about to do.

One more thing while he's still here, though. Gabriel has had some time to think about it and he decides to go ahead and hit on the dumb hot chick in the corner.

Successfully deflected by her boyfriend or whatever he is, Gabriel leaves, taking one last curious look at the street drummer on his way out. It's time to go to the cathedral and get into some serious trouble.

Quietly entering through the side door, Gabriel finds the place is once again completely deserted.

He quietly makes his way to the priests' unguarded closet.

Sure enough there's still plenty of these things sitting around.

He checks one more time to make sure nobody's watching and snags himself a shirt and collar. Madame Cazaunoux seemed pretty adamant about being too Catholic to answer Gabriel's Voodoo questions, but hopefully a dapper young priest might be able to see if she knows anything useful to the case.

We're gonna need some serious forgiveness for this.

Gabriel heads to his usual confessional, but then decides to try the one on the right side of the door just this once.

The hole in the wall seems awfully smooth. Gabriel inspects it for a moment.

He doesn't have very long before the priest on duty opens the window. Gabriel kneels on the cushion and lets the priest do his work.

Gabriel doesn't feel particularly blessed, but quietly hopes it might counteract what he just did.

He starts to leave the way he came in, but before he makes it out the door he remembers something. He heads out the front door, towards Jackson Square, to check and see how Madame Lorelei's doing, or for that matter if she came back at all.

Sure enough, she stands there, covered in her veils, staring off at the edges of the park.

No response. He reaches to tap her shoulder.

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