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by flamedrake

Part 39: .1

Chapter 34.1: You Are So Dead

The Gedde hounfour is a very dangerous place. There are far more ways for Gabriel to meet a grisly end here than the rest of the game combined -- and all of them prior to the ritual are at the hands of our good buddy, museum proprietor and violent killer Dr. John.

We walk in on Dr. John praying to his temple of miscellaneous flesh and bones, and it'd probably be the worst idea in the world for Gabriel to wander up and pester him.

Let's do that.

This is not the place for Gabriel to be cracking jokes. Dr. John put up with it back at the museum, but not here.

Dr. John slams Gabriel against the wall at full force.

Before Gabriel has a chance to react, Dr. John has him by the throat.

There are a few ways this death can play out, with small variations in dialogue and setting.

It doesn't exactly go better.

But big whoop, strangled to death. A violent way to go to be sure, but not exactly a visual spectacle. I think we can do better than that.

It's the end of the hounfour. Grace is awake, Mosely is present and accounted for, and the drums of fate are beating out in the hallway. Dr. John will be here any minute, and they'll need to disguise themselves.

But suppose you don't know this -- or, more likely, didn't pick up the costumes. Whatever the case, the player has failed, and Gabriel and Mosely are on their own.

(For the record, if you only have one save file, it's possible to completely fuck yourself over and render the game unwinnable in this room. This is one reason I made like 60 saves over the course of the LP.)

Mosely reaches for his gun, but Dr. John sends a knife flying.

It strikes Mosely in the chest just in time for him to fire his gun uselessly in the air.

His body slams against the wall ...

... and Dr. John is on Gabriel before he has a chance to think.

Dr. John grabs Gabriel by the coat and swings.

And just like that, the best hope of restoring sanity to New Orleans goes down in less than ten seconds.

The encounter goes similarly if Mosely's in costume.

Or if he's not there at all! (If Mosely's around, Gabriel won't put on the wolf costume until Mosely is wearing his.)

But again, we're missing something. This last one was a glorious bloody spectacle, but Gabriel still got completely overwhelmed and didn't really have a chance to do anything. It's time to fight back!

So you can send a lot of messages with the drums, and most of them are useless.

If you manage to play three drum messages that don't include "summon Brother Eagle," a door will open in the distance and Gabriel will move to the center of the room. I think he's trying to escape or something, but he doesn't make it.

This sends Dr. John into a by-now predictable murderous rage.

Gabriel starts the fight on a high note, managing two strong blows against Dr. John's face.

... but Dr. John quickly gains the upper hand.

He slams Gabriel's face against his knee for good measure. Gabriel, undeterred, comes back swinging.

Dr. John slams Gabriel against the sacrificial table, and whether he got his brains smashed in or his neck broken, Gabriel is no more.

64. Dr. John is seriously undermining the credibility of his fine museum. (Self-hosted) (Dailymotion) (Youtube)