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Part 4: Mouths of Babes

Update 04: Mouths of Babes

Welcome back. Last time we blew open the security door to the floor below and took one step closer to freedom. Our protagonist has yet to uncover exactly who he is, but with a whole new floor to explore we’re sure to find a few clues.

Music: Galerians - Hospital Theme 1

A security guard walks by as we reach the bottom, but he has no peripheral vision and just wanders off.

There’s another right around the corner, but he’s not nearly as tough as the riot guard.

Looks like our security card isn’t going to help us here.

Nalcon has a pretty long effective range. That and the knockdown effect means you can stunlock an enemy to death if you get your timings right.

We can enter this room, but as soon as we take a single step a cutscene triggers.

Rion walks forwards, then suddenly the monitors burst to life.

: Rion! Where are you going? Do you really think you can escape?

: Who are you?

: I am Lem, Clinic Chief of this facility. You are the most promising subject so far. Return to the isolation ward! Your brain will Short if you continue to overdo it!


: You refuse to listen, eh? You leave me no choice but to terminate you! Secure the entire isolation ward, and lock all security card slots!

: You have nowhere to run now, do you? You’ve deeply disappointed me, Rion.

Music: Galerians - Hospital Theme 4

So, we finally get to meet Clinic Chief Lem. As expected, he’s kind of a dick. He also has questionable taste in interior design, if the weird monitor tree is anything to go by.

Several rooms lead off from the computer suite. This one is a save room.

This one is another bathroom. Unlike the first one however this one actually has something interesting in it.

Someone left a newspaper by the sink that we can take a look at.

This newspaper is easy to miss. The article is rather ominous and raises more questions than answers. At least we now know Rion’s last name, and that he has a family.

The only other door in the computer suite is locked.

For some reason the button to open it is in this very room, right over by the door we originally came in through. Hurrah for pointless distractions!

Around this time I notice that A) my AP bar is full and B) I’m running dangerously low on Nalcon.

I do nothing about problem A for reasons that will become clear very soon. I do, however, decide to shoot up some more Nalcon.

Rion presses the muzzle of the Beeject against his neck.

The injection seems painful, but Rion now has a full bar of Nalcon. You always get a little cutscene like this when you inject a particular drug for the first time. Every time after that it’s just a quick in-game animation.

The next room contains three scientists. Despite how weak they are individually, facing down three enemies in such close quarters is still fairly tough.

Or it would be, if we didn’t have a full AP bar.

After taking our brain meds we can examine this little pillar for our first Red pickup. Red is slightly rarer than Nalcon, although not as rare as another drug we won’t be coming across until the third stage.

I inject the stuff immediately and move on to examining the huge monitor at the back of the room.

Alright, let’s turn that sucker on and see what comes up.

Well now, this is interesting. This report indicates that Michelangelo Memorial Hospital is a test site for producing genetically modified workers. It is also the first mention of ‘Galerians’, which is definitely significant given that it’s the title of the game.

There’s nothing else in here, so let’s mosey on into the next area.

We briefly caught a glimpse of this room via psychometry earlier on, and yep, it’s full of pickled fetuses.

One of the tanks is slightly brighter than the others. Let’s have a closer look

Yep, that sure is a dead baby alright.

Or maybe not so dead!

Jesus. This place is like the final area of a Resident Evil title.

The key we need is right here. Now, who’s up for some backtracking?

Guards have spawned in the room where we met Lem. We aren’t coming back here again, so I conserve my powers and just run past them.

The room we’re looking for is back upstairs. See the unfilled room in the left hand corner of the map? That’s our destination.

Unfortunately a riot guard spawns in the second hallway. His footsteps are pretty loud, so you’ll know he’s there, but as our last encounter with one proved they’re not to be underestimated.

As such, I choose not to take chances. First I knock him down.

Then I set him on fire.

Then I knock him down while he’s on fire. Unsurprisingly, he doesn’t get back up again.

With the key in hand we can finally unlock this door.

Music: Galerians - Hospital Theme 4

The PPEC Office contains three scientists, two near the entrance and one offscreen to Rion’s left.

None of them last long.

As expected from the room’s name, the place is stuffed with drugs and brain meds.

This monitor will let us rewrite our security card in order to bypass Lem’s lockdown.

Psychometry reveals part of the number we’ll need to reprogram the card. Good thing we’ve already seen the rest of it!

All we have to do is enter the number we found last update.

Presto! Now we can explore the rest of the fourteenth floor. Thank you, nameless psychic guinea pig child! This update is getting a little long though, so we’ll leave venturing deeper into the hospital for another day.