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Original Thread: Simulation Nerdout Session - Let's Figure Out "Game Dev Tycoon" [VLP]




Game Dev Tycoon is a game development simulator from Greenheart Games. The game was inspired by Game Dev Story and allows the player to create and publish games starting out in the 1980's. Relive gaming history while starting out from your garage solo and work your way up to a gaming legend.

LP Structure and Viewer Participation

Since Game Dev Tycoon is a simulation game, it helps to collect data about the games. Unfortunately, the built-in data collection is mediocre.

I decided to do my own and will be using it in the LP to aid in decision making. Viewers can also play around with it here.

Creating the games will be influenced by the viewers. All games will be based on a viewer suggestion. Usually, just any interesting game idea will be used to the best of my ability. Overall, these games are data points to understand the game mechanics better.

Every 7th game has a different purpose. For those games, viewers propose a Big Bet which is a challenge that I have to try to beat like "Get a game in the top5 on a new system". If I fail to meet the challenge, I get a penalty which is also proposed by the viewers.

Stuff not to talk about

Don't just tell me how all the mechanics work in the game. The act of discovery and learning is the fun bit of simulation games for me.


"Current" topics and other data:

Google Doc containing currently collected data on Topic vs Genre vs Audience/Platforum vs Genre vs Audience.

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