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Original Thread: Let's Play Game Empire: Over 250 Shareware Games



01: Action Games, Part 1
02: Action Games, Part 2
03: Action Games, Part 3
04: Action Games, Part 4
05: Action Games, Part 5
06: Action Games, Part 6
07: Action Games, Part 7
08: Action Games, Part 8
09: Adventure Games, Part 1
10: Adventure Games, Part 2
11: Strategy Games, Part 1
12: Strategy Games, Part 2
13: Strategy Games, Part 3
14: Strategy Games, Part 4
15: Card Games
16: Kids Games
17: Mixed Games, Part 1
18: Mixed Games, Part 2
19: Mixed Games, Part 3
20: New Additions, Part 1
21: New Additions, Part 2
22: New Additions, Part 3
23: New Additions, Part 4
24: New Additions, Part 5
25: New Additions, Part 6

EX: Missing Pieces

Challenge Mode, Part 1
Challenge Mode, Part 2
Challenge Mode, Part 3
Challenge Mode, Part 4
Challenge Mode, Part 5
Challenge Mode, Part 6
Challenge Mode, Part 7
Challenge Mode, Part 8
Challenge Mode, Part 9
Challenge Mode, Part 10
Challenge Mode, Part 11
Challenge Mode, Part 12
Challenge Mode, Part 13
Challenge Mode, Part 14
Challenge Mode, Part 15
Challenge Mode, Part 16
Challenge Mode, Part 17

[SA]JamieTheD: Catacomb Abyss
[SA]JamieTheD: Commander Keen
[SA]JamieTheD: Crystal Caves
[SA]JamieTheD: Blake Stone: Aliens of Gold

Game Empire was a shareware games collection released in 1994 by SoftKey International, boasting over 250 software titles and "hundreds of the very best arcade style games!" Back when I was a latchkey kid holed up in rural Pennsylvania with a 14.4k modem and a 486, Game Empire provided literally hours of entertainment for my ten-year-old self who didn't know any better because I didn't have a Genesis and Half-Life didn't exist yet. I recently unearthed my actual Game Empire disc, crammed in a jewel case along with Big Red Racing and a Star Wars Trilogy Multimedia Audio CD, and since PC gaming is dead and there's nothing happening on consoles right now, let's revisit these incredible classics.

I'm Phenwah, joined by Lobst and whomever else we could rope into this sorry mess. Welcome to Game Empire!

Prepare to be blown away.
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