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Get Even

by BioEnchanted

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Original Thread: Grace Under Fire - Let's Play Get Even! (PS4)



Welcome to my new Let's Play! I hope you'll join me on my journey through one of my favourite games this year.

What is this game?

Get Even is an FPS about the nature of memories. We will be playing as Cole Black, a man who at the start of the story tried to save a girl from kidnappers, and now he must explore his memories to try to find out who she was, who she was to him, and why he was even there in the first place. It was released mid-2017, and it's release date had to be pushed back a few months due to the Manchester Arena bombing attack.

The events of the story take place near Birmingham, UK, but the company that made it, The Farm 51, are Polish, and made the 2012 version of Painkiller amongst other games.

Why this game?

This is perhaps my favourite game released this year, it has a great story, likable characters and a fun mechanical gimmick. Also the music and sense of rhythm is amazing, especially later on.

Spoiler Policy

No Spoilers. This is a very plot-heavy game and spoilers would wreck the anticipation. Speculation is fair game, but if you know what's coming please keep quiet about it.
There is one exception, because the game's subtitles reveal it themselves from the start, and that is the first name of our kidnapping victim. Anything else, please wait for the game to reveal it first.


The Audit
Get Even Part 1: The Set Up.
Get Even Part 2: The Man from Lithurst Asylum, Building B, Part 1.
Get Even Part 3: ADS Infiltration.
Get Even Part 4: The Man from Lithurst Asylum, Building B, Part 2
Get Even Part 5: Introducing Jasper.
Get Even Part 6: Jasper's Dying Minutes.
Get Even Part 7: Moving from Building B to Building C.
Get Even Part 8: Rose and Jasper.
Get Even Part 9: Meeting with Rose.
Get Even Part 10: The Party
Get Even Part 11: The Offer

The Review
Get Even Part 12: Review - The Kidnapping
Get Even Part 13: Review - Jasper's Dying Minutes
Get Even Part 14: Review - Meeting with Rose
Get Even Part 15: Review - The Offer + Good Ending

Get Even Bonus 1 - Secrets in The Kidnapping, A Job for Robert Ramsey, and The Victim.
Get Even Bonus 2 - Secrets in Jasper's Final Minutes, Meeting with Rose and Jasper, and The Meeting.
Get Even Bonus 3 - Final optional Cutscenes/Final weapon.

Get Even Bad Ending Run 1 - Asylum Misbehaviour.
Get Even Bad Ending Run 2 - Interesting changes in the Levels.
Get Even: The Bad Ending
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