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Gitaroo Man Lives!

by Ambisagrus

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Original Thread: Let's Play Gitaroo Man Lives on Master Mode!


This LP is also available on the Internet Archive! Some video LPs are kindly hosted by the folks on This means the original source videos will always be available for download or watching, even if the original video hosts are no longer available!


Gitaroo Man Lives! released on November 14, 2006 is a PSP port of Gitaroo Man for the PS2.

Brass Monkey did a fantastic Let's Play of the PS2 version, and you should definitely watch it if you have archives. It's also probably going to be archived in the near future.

There aren't a lot of changes between the two. The PSP version has a bit easier timing on everything, there are two new songs, and there are a few changes in certain songs, but overall it's the same game. So you might be wondering what makes this LP different than Brass Monkey's.

The main difference is that I'm going to be playing on Master mode. Master mode has more complicated notes and your health drains faster than on Normal. It's also stupid hard on some levels. Because of technical issues I can't get the cutscenes to play correctly, but every single one is the same as in the PS2 version that's been LPed. Updates will be one level each, and will come every two or three days. It's a pretty short game.

I'd like to request that no one post the full soundtrack until every level is finished. I don't mind if someone posts the songs as I do them, but I'd like to let the videos be sort of a surprise to those who haven't seen this game before.

If you'd like to contribute your own videos, go right ahead! I'm definitely not the best at this game. Show your runs of songs, paths I didn't get, prove that I suck and have no right to be doing this when someone so much better than me at this exists, all that sort of thing. Just, again, don't post stuff I haven't gotten to in the LP. Content from the PS2 version is perfectly fine as well. Just have fun!

Anyway, enough talk, let's get to the videos. I'd suggest watching them on my hosting for the best quality, but sometimes it goes slow so you might want to settle for Viddler or Youtube.

0. Boogie For An Afternoon (Tutorial) Hosted Viddler Youtube Download
1. Twisted Reality (vs. Panpeus) Hosted Viddler Youtube Download
2. Flyin' To Your Heart (vs. Flying-O) Hosted Viddler Youtube Download
3. 'Bee' Jam Blues (vs. Mojo King Bee) Hosted Viddler Youtube Download
4. VOID (vs. Ben-K Shark Form) Hosted Viddler Youtube Download
5. 'Nuff Respect (vs. Ben-K Robot Form) Hosted Viddler Youtube Download
6. The Legendary Theme (vs.? Kirah) Hosted Viddler Youtube Download
7. Born To Be Bone (vs. Sanbone Trio) Hosted Viddler Youtube Download
8. Tainted Lovers (vs. Gregorio III) Hosted Viddler Youtube later Download
9. Overpass/Legendary Theme (vs. Kirah) Hosted Viddler Youtube Download
10. Resurrection (vs. Zowie) Hosted Viddler Youtube Download
11. Metal Header (vs. Kai-Kakoon) Hosted Viddler Youtube Download
12. Toda Pasión (vs. Ming Ming) Hosted Viddler Youtube Download

Brass Monkey's LP, For Those Without Archives (And with cutscenes, because I'm a moron and can't get them myself)
Introduction video - Soft Machine
Stage 1 - Twisted Reality
Stage 2 - Flyin' to your heart
Stage 3 - 'Bee' Jam Blues
Stage 4 - VOID
VOID No-Miss Master Mode
Stage 5 - Nuff Respect
Stage 6 - The Legendary Theme
Stage 7 - Born To Be Bone
Stage 8 - Tainted Lovers
Stage 9 - Overpass into Legendary Theme
Stage 10 - Resurrection and Ending - 21st Century Boy

Soundtrack (thanks bbcisdabomb!)
Main Theme - Soft Machine
Tutorial Level - Boogie for an Afternoon
Stage 1 - Twisted Reality
Stage 1 - Twisted Reality- Ropeland Mix
Stage 2 - Flyin' To Your Heart
Stage 2 - Flyin' To Your Heart (English Version)
Stage 3 - 'Bee' Jam Blues
Stage 4 - VOID
Stage 5 - 'Nuff Respect
Stage 6 - The Legendary Theme (Acoustic)
Stage 7 - Born To Be Bone
Stage 8 - Tainted Lovers
Stage 9 - Overpass
Stage 9 - Legendary Theme
Stage 10 - Resurrection
Ending - 21st Century Boy
Stage 10 - Resurrection (Remix)
Stage DUET 1 - Metal Header
Stage DUET 2 - Toda Pasión
Full Zip Here.

And some remixes:
Stage 6 - The Legendary Theme (Acoustic Remix)
Stage 9 - The Legendary Theme (Album Remix)

Incoherent Moron posted:

There was a really awesome rip of the PS2 version that had the Vs. mode songs, but I can't seem to find where it was. The Vs. mode version of Tainted Lovers and Resurrection are amazing. I'll try looking for it, but if I can't find it, I'll just archive the songs and put them up on Rapidshare or Megaupload or something.

edit: FOUND IT

This is every soundfile ripped directly from the PS2 version, including vs. mode, backing tracks, solely Gitaroo parts, and the dialogue/other sounds.

by General Ironicus

by Rin
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