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Gitaroo Man

by Brass Monkey

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Original Thread: [VLP] Saving the world with music! Let's play Gitaroo-Man


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Hello everyone, my name around these parts is Brass Monkey. While I have built up a modest reputation as being the residental dinosaur game expert, I have also attempted a fair bit of music games, since that is a genre that I deeply enjoy playing. This will be my first go at sub-titles, so I could use some help! This is where you can join in!

The game and this thread will take two forms. First, I will show you the whole game from start to finish played in the normal mode. This will be done with sub-titles only, no talking over the music! If you have any ideas for a commentary, or maybe you can do your own sub-titles, you are very welcome to send them to me. Even if you haven't done any LP's of your own, writing is something everyone can do.

After this, we'll open up the stage for any special video you might want to make. I've got some plans myself, but I'd very much like all of you to join in with me. Maybe you want to show off by beating my scores? Attempt audio commentary on a song that means a lot to you? Play one of the tunes on your real guitar? Or maybe just scream in anger after failing that one song you never could beat on the hard difficulty? Everything is possible!

Gitaroo-Man is a game about love, courage, friendship and music! A dark shadow looms over planet Gitaroo as the evil Zowie threatens to gather the power of all the Gitaroos. But musical power should never be used for evil. It is up to you to stand up to this bully using your Gitaroo as your weapon, and save everyone!

Using just a standard Playstation 2 controller or the buttons on your PSP, this is a music game that anyone can pick up and play without trouble. Using only four buttons and the analog stick, you should follow the song and play the tunes indicated. If you do it right you get to create some really sweet music!

The game follows the story of a young boy named U-1 who got big dreams but lacks the courage to make them come true. Can music be the inspiration he need? Will the support of his friends be enough to make it all the way through? The only way to find out is to join in and cheer for him!


Introduction video - Soft MachineViddler
Stage 1 - Twisted RealityViddler
Stage 2 - Flyin' to your heartViddler
Stage 3 - 'Bee' Jam BluesViddler
Stage 4 - VOIDViddler
Stage 4 - VOID on Master's Play, S-ranked (no-miss)Viddler
Stage 5 - Nuff RespectViddler
Stage 6 - The Legendary ThemeViddler
Stage 7 - Born to be BoneViddler
Stage 8 - Tainted LoversViddler
Stage 9 - Overpass into Legendary ThemeViddler
Stage 10 - Resurrection and Ending - 21st Century BoyViddler

Gitaroo-Man features a varied soundtrack, where each song is linked to a part of the story and a gameplay battle. There are 10 stages in total, so there will be plenty of musical genres to explore. The amazing detail and charm put into it will make you want to come back for more long after you've played it through for the first time.

Boogie for an Afternoon (tutorial music)
Soft Machine
Twisted Reality
Flyin' to your heart
Bee Jam Blues
Nuff Respect
The Legendary Theme
Born to be Bone
Twisted Reality (Ropeland Remix)
The legendary theme - Acoustic version (alternate version)

Full soundtrack if you want to skip ahead

- Contributors
Your name could be here! If you got subtitle ideas for a stage that hasn't been posted yet, just let me know in the thread what you're up to.
Spinning Robo
For providing the soundtrack for this game. Yay! Now you can listen to the songs without my occational disturbing misses.

Gaspar Lewis
For providing an alternative download for the soundtrack. Check it out if you want songs from stages I haven't played yet.
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