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Part 1: 22nd October 1929 - 16:00.

Cing don't get their own screen like Capcom, they just get a little mention at the bottom of the title screen.

The Options aren't very interesting, but I thought I'd show them for anyone that was curious.

The only difference between the Easy and Standard difficulty is that the quill cursor flashes when it's hovering over something of interest in Easy. I believe there is one other minor difference as well, but I'll talk a little more about that later.

I'll confess now, and admit that I'll be playing the game on Easy mode for this LP.

Video:The Beginning.

When you're supposed to investigate a room, the game sometimes gives you these shots; they usually indicate where the in the room you need to check to progress the story.

(Emi's not here...Where could she be...?)

(Huh? There's something on the floor...)

I think, though I'm not sure, that the loss of Mind Points is a bit higher on Standard difficulty.

Let me know if you want me to pick up or ignore the Heart Fragments.

At this point, we can look around the room Takashi is in.

The door is locked, preventing Takashi from leaving, so let's read the newspaper since we can't go for a walk.

Unsolved cases of the Twentieth Century.

The photo on the desk

Video:Katagiri's Notebook.

Takashi uses the notebook to record information he's learnt. I'll show off the notebook at the end of each chapter, with the exception of Denemon's Notes which I'll cover in a couple of updates.

The Gramaphone

Video:Cinema Mansion in 2003.

The lamp on the desk.

Video:A walk up to the Cinema Mansion

The display case.

The desk

The Window.

Video:Matsunosuke Shimada.

Takashi! Where are you?

Emi! I'm right here!

Looks like she can't hear me, either!

Video:Kunio Hachiya.

Your colour is looking a little better.

(Who is this man?)

This is the reason that I opted to use Easy mode for the LP. Glass Rose can be a little finicky about the phrases it will accept. You also need to make sure that you highlight the phrase perfectly. For example:

Leads to:

However, this:

(Note the comma is highlighted) Leads to:

Additionally, it's possible for phrases to overlap.

Unless anyone objects, rather than post a picture showing each time Takashi questions a character about a new word or phrase, I'll just bold underline the word/phrase Takashi is asking about, and keep screenshots for new topics.


Kazuya...? Who’s that?

Kazuya, what are you saying!


Kazuya, are you feeling all right, sir? Have you forgotten who I am?

I'm Hachiya, the butler, sir.

Certain words and phrases will open new topics in a conversation.

Pressing Circle during a conversation will bring these nodes up. Each node represents a conversation topic; if the node is red, it means you've gone through all the words and phrases in that topic, if the node is blue, it means that there's still at least one word or phrase to be checked. If you have missed something in a previous topic, you can use the nodes here to jump back.


Why, Kazuya is you, sir!

Not all words and phrases in a conversation lead to useful or helpful responses. I usually won't show those responses.

Feeling all right

Are you still feeling poorly? Please try to set a hold of yourself, sir.


I've been serving as Mr. Yoshinodou's butler since this mansion was built!


Hachiya. . . ?

That‘s right. I’m Hachiya, the butler. I'm the same butler who greeted you at the door when you arrived, sir.

You greeted me...? What's going on here? I don't understand what you‘re talking about.

Please try to get a grip on yourself. You really remember nothing, sir? When you heard what I said before, you were so shaken. you fainted on the spot.


Have you really forgotten everything that's happened since you arrived here?


It's not surprising that you would be shocked. I understand how you feel.


You suddenly got dizzy and then just fell to the floor, sir.

On the spot

I was talking to you right here in the study.

What I said

When I heard what you said. I fainted...? What exactly did you say to me?

I was telling you the tragic news about Mr. Yoshinodou.

The Tragic News

The tragic news...? What tragic news...?

(Unh... My head hurts...! What's wrong with me...?)

Video: A vision in sepia.

Are you all right, Kazuya?


(What was that I just saw...? Who was sitting in that chair?)

You poor man! Have you really forgotten...?

Last night, your father, Mr. Denemon Yoshinodou, in this very room...

My father. . . ?

I can't believe you've forgotten what happened to Mr. Yoshindou!

Very well. I'll tell you the whole story over again from the beginning. Listen carefully.

Mr. Denemon Yoshindou, your father and the head of this mansion...was found dead in this room last night.

Your Father:

Because of... were separated from Mr. Yoshinodou, your father, when you were a child.

Was found

I wasn't the one who found Mr. Yoshinodou's body.

This room

This room is the study where Mr Yoshinodou spent much of his time.

Denemon Yoshindou:

Denemon. . . Yoshinodou. . .

That's right, sir. Mr. Denemon Yoshinodou, your father, died last night. Before you had the chance to meet with him...

(What's going on here? Denemon Yoshinodou was the first victim in that unsolved murder case. And now that Denemon is supposed to be my father...?)

(Why is he telling me this...?)

Kazuya, are you quite all right? The shock of this sudden tragedy must still have you very shaken...

But my name's not ”Kazuya." It‘s...

What are you saying, sir? You are Kazuya, Kazuya Nanase.

Kazuya... Nanase...?

Kazuya, please get a hold of yourself, sir. The shock of missing Mr. Yoshinodou must be too much for you.

(This man really does think I'm some guy named Kazuya Nanase. But why...?)

I’m worried about you, sir. You are Kazuya Nanase. You were separated in your childhood, but Mr. Yoshinodou never forgot you. He told me so himself.

In your childhood

I heard it was when you were around three or four years old.


Something about circumstances beyond his control... I didn‘t inquire further.


Mr. Yoshinodou always had you in his heart, Kazuya.

Kazuya Nanase

Kazuya, are you all right, sir? For a long time. Mr. Yoshinodou didn‘t have any word of you at all. But then he located you at last. He called you here so that you could finally meet again after twenty years.

He called me here...?

(This place is the Cinema Mansion in 1929...! Denemon has’s all just started...)

Is everything all right, Kazuya?

(Why does this man think I'm Kazuya Nanase...? Why? I just can’t understand it!)

(Kazuya... Nanase...)


(What was that...? Was

(What in the world did I just see...? Did I...? Don't tell me...Did I just read this guy's mind? How on earth could I do that...? Unh...! My head...!)

There isn't anyone in this room but you and me, sir.


Emi disappears again.


There, there, poor Kazuya! You must be very upset by the sudden tragedy...

Why don't you try to rest, sir? I'll show you to your room.

That last screenshot is Takashi looking around as he hears the door being locked behind him.

I can hardly believe it...but it looks like I'm in the Cinema Mansion in 1929, the place where that serial murder case took place...!

Poor Emi...We both fell into a time slip, but it looks like I'm the only one who can see her. Maybe she's in a different time continuum.

For some reason, the people in this time think I'm Kazuya Nanase....Kazuya, Denemon's illegitimate child...Kazuya's name never came up in the materials I researched.

What's going on...?

The Houseboy Room.

The cabinet.

The picture.

Video:Moving the picture.

No reply. :( And the picture is still crooked.

The nightstand.

Video:The glass jigsaw puzzle.

Video:The Mask.

The mask on the desk.

Video:The first jigsaw puzzle piece.

Video:Kikuyo Rokujou.