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Part 6: 22nd October 1929 - 20:00.

Video: Tsuyako Sawamatsu.



Yes. Kiyohiko Yoshikawa, the movie director.

You mean the Mr. Yoshikawa engaged to Takako, right?

How many film directors called Kiyohiko Yoshikawa do you know in 1929, Takashi?

What?! Kiyohiko is engaged to Takako?! When in the world did that happen...?! I never heard about that!

Yes, well, I don't know...

Forget it. I'll ask Kiyohiko about it myself later. By the way, who are you? I'm Tsuyako Sawamatsu. You know who I am, right?


Kazuya Nanase? Oh, right! You must be the chairman's illegitimate child that police detective who stopped me was talking about.

Kazuya Nanase

Nanase... Hmm, I've heard that name somewhere before...Oh, well, never mind.

Illegitimate child

I wonder if you're the only illegitimate child the chairman has?

Police detective

Have you met Detective Ihara?

That Ihara man stopped me in the entrance hall. What a rude man he was! Why do detectives always have to speak so impolitely, I wonder? That detective's in the Bellflower Room now. This is so extraordinary, the police coming here and investigating!

Didn't the chairman commit suicide?

The police

I don't know any policemen! I've never even talked to a detective before!


That's what I heard. Kiyohiko told me.

Back to the Kiyohiko topic.

Tsuyako Sawamatsu

Tsuyako Sawamatsu...?

What's with that blank look? Tee hee! That's all right. I understand. Everybody has a hard time believing it at first. But don‘t worry. This isn't a dream. Yes, that's right. The person before you now is the real Tsuyako Sawamatsu, the star actress of New World Cinema!

Star actress

Is it your first time seeing such a star up close? I’m sorry. I'm afraid I never shake hands. I could give you my autograph later, though.

New World Cinema

Yes, I'm under exclusive contract right now to New World Cinema. I owe all my fame as an actress to the chairman. That‘s why I signed the contract with New World Cinema, as a kind of thank you to the chairman. Now that the chairman is dead, maybe I‘d better rethink that choice...


When I heard the chairman was dead, I thought to myself: ”I had a feeling something like this would happen someday...”

Something like this

Something like this...?

Yes, that the chairman might commit suicide. Ever since the chairman kicked out Hideo and the others and shut himself up in this mansion...I thought this would happen. Even Takako probably thought so.

Hideo and the others

He must've had a reason for suddenly kicking out his own children, but I hear neither Hideo nor any of the others know what that reason is.


Takako thought so, too...?

Yes, well, she either probably thought so, or...I bet she hoped it would happen...

What?! She hoped it would happen?

Why are you so surprised? Even though Takako become an actress riding on her father's coattails, I bet he was just an obstacle to her in the end...

An actress

I plan on being an actress whose name will go down in history!

Father's coattails

Why should she get to play the leading roles, just because she's Denemon Yoshinodou's daughter?


Her father said he was going to call off the filming of "Dolls," the movie Takako was going to star in. I heard he was against Takako becoming an actress in the first place. And he knew Takako could never handle the leading role of a talkie. He kicked her out of the mansion and was going to ruin her acting career. I bet she wished he would just disappear!

That shiny object in the corner is a heart fragment.

Hachiya looks a little odd.

Hachiya leaves.

Emi shows up again to lead Takashi to the Butler's Pantry this time.

Kikuyo responds to Takashi talking about what is apparently an non-existent person almost the same way as Hachiya; though at least she doesn't go as far as to lock Takashi in a room for it.



Somewhat understandably Kikuyo isn't too happy about Takashis' presence.

I swear you looked just like Madam, standing there in a trance! I'm worried about you...


When you arrived at the mansion. I'm afraid I was out on an errand. I apologize for not greeting you at the door.


Some silly people actually claim they've seen vengeful spirits at the Yoshinodou mansion! Ridiculous! Kazuya, don't you dare tell anyone in the outside world that you've seen things here, have you got that?

In a trance

You‘ve met Madam. I'm sure you saw what she's like for yourself.


Madam hardly ever comes out of her room. She's in there lost in thought all day. Mr. Yoshinodou never said a word, but she never carried out her duties as Madam of the house. The only thing she ever did for Mr. Yoshinodou was bring him his wine in the study every night.


Actually, I don't really like calling Madam Yoshinodou ”Madam.” you know...

Mr. Yoshinodou

Mr. Yoshinodou never said anything, but I knew just how he felt...

You knew how he felt?

Yes, I'm sure Mr. Yoshinodou was he wished Madam Yurie were still alive...

He wished Madam Yurie were still alive...?

Yes, Mr. Yoshinodou's second wife, Kanae and Marie’s mother. I'm sure Mr. Yoshinodou regretted marrying Ayako. The only wife Mr. Yoshinodou ever truly loved was Madam Yurie, you see.

Mr. Yoshinodou

Now I think If only I had better understood how Mr. Yoshinodou felt...I could have saved him...


All of Mr. Yoshinodou's misfortunes began when he married that woman. I truly believe that.

Back to the Madam topic.


Whenever Mr. Yoshinodou went abroad, he always brought back a great deal of foreign wine with him.

Many of his favorite wines are kept in the wine cellar. We always keep the door locked for security. Mr. Yoshinodou became interested in fine wine after marrying Madam Yurie. Madam Yurie was a connoisseur of wine, you see.


How did Yurie die?

What? Kazuya...What makes you ask about such a thing...?

(It doesn‘t look like she wants to talk about Yurie. Why does she say ”such a thing"? I wonder what happened...?)

Such a thing

Why do you say “such a thing”? What happened?

Madam Yurie... No, never mind.

(What did she mean by ”such a thing”? What happened?)

It was all very long ago. None of it has anything to do with you. Madam Yurie was a wonderful wife, and that's all I have to say about it.

Kazuya, if you really are Mr. Yoshinodou's son, then I ask you to please stop asking questions about him and this mansion.

Takashi leaves.