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Part 10: 22nd October 1929 - 23:00.

Video: A grim gathering.

Takako apparently drank poisoned wine down in the cell, and died.

She probably killed herself because of the chairman's death. He was her support, you know. I heard she was acting weird after he died. Isn't that right, Kiyohiko?

What the hell are you talking about?

Ayako isn't here! What could she be doing?

Madam doesn't feel well. She's resting in the Rose Room. I tried calling to her, but she won't come out.

Maybe there's a reason why Ayako can't come and face us...

Terrible! First this tragedy befalls Mr. Yoshinodou, and now Takako!

I know we are all shaken from the events since yesterday...but I hope we will all cooperate with Detective Ihara's investigation fully, so that we can bring this situation under control as quickly as possible.

I'm sure you realise this, but none of you can leave the mansion until the investigation is over. Anyone trying to leave will be considered a prime suspect.

I'll be examining the crime scene now. And starting tomorrow morning, I'll be interviewing each one of you. Until then, go back to your rooms and stay there.

Takako Yoshinodou was murdered. But by whom?

Takako's body wasn't there before I got caught in the storeroom....Where was Takako really killed...?