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Glass Rose

by HydroSphere

Part 20: 23rd October 1929 - 14:00.

Video A tense gathering.

I bet Tsuyako must've seen the person who murdered Takako, and that's why Tsuyako got killed.

But Tsuyako said Takako committed suicide...! Kaidou, was Takako murdered?

Hm, it is possible...

Murdered? I just can't believe it! What in the world is going on here?

Just be quiet, will you?

Hachiya, this is all on your head! If you had let us see the will, this would never have happened!

As you are aware, the reading of the will is tomorrow at 3pm. I trust you aren't in that much of a rush, Hideo, are you...?

Video: Hideo's impatience.

Who did it? And why...? And what about those footsteps in the passage that time...?