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Part 29: 23rd October 1929 - 21:00.


Why...? Why did this happen...? I don't understand...!

Kazuya... They say you were the one that found my husband...?


I was looking for him when I talked to you. But by that time, he was already...

Such a thing

I don' t know why Hideo was killed, either.

How was Hideo

Do you want to know...? Do you want to know how he was killed...?


Are you really sure you want me to tell you...?

...No, never mind. Please don‘t tell me. I don't think I could stand knowing...


We spent our first married years right here in this room. No matter what I look at in this room, it reminds me of those days... I just can't stop crying...

Say anything

No, I‘m sorry... He was already gone when I found him.

I see...


He never explained anything to the very end, and now he's gone...


How is Hideya doing?

He’s in the Violet Room. I imagine he must be crying. too...

Shouldn't you be with him...?

Yes, I know I should be... But... I just can’t look at him right now...

You can't look at him...?


You’re worried about something...?

Yes, about something Hideya said... He said that just before Tsuyako was killed, she and my husband were arguing.

Those innocent eyes

He just wants to know the truth. So he asks me questions openly and innocently...

His questions

Hideya's questions...?

Yes, he asked me--

“Dad didn't do anything wrong. Why did he get killed, Mom...?”

But now that I know Hideo was arguing with Tsuyako...and since he's been acting so strangely lately... I can't help but worry...

Do you suspect something...?

Yes, I‘m afraid I do... And after Tsuyako was murdered, Hideo's right hand was injured...

Hideya thinks... Actually, it‘s not just Hideya. Maybe I think so, too.


You mean you think Hideo might be responsible for... Tsuyako...?

Stop! Please don't say another word...

Gee. Youko...

I just don't know... All I know is I feel more and more anxious... I can't calm down...

Of all things

My husband getting murdered was the last thing I expected...!

My precious ring

You lost your ring?

Yes, all of a sudden, it was just gone. I wonder if I left it somewhere when I was washing my hands...?

The trunk

Which trunk is it?

The trunk in this room. When we came back to this mansion, Hideo put something in there and locked it.


Hideo had the key?

I don't know... I don't know anything about my husband anymore...!

Youko breaks down in tears again; Takashi decides to just turn and leave.

Video: Hideya's tears.

That background music seems horribly inappropriate.

Poor Hideya...

What am I gonna do...?

This isn't Professor Layton you're talking to, Takashi.

Hey! You did it!

Great! Did that take your mind off things?

Yeah... but... I wonder what's gonna happen now...? I wonder if anybody else's gonna die?

Kazuya... When Grandpa died, how sad were you?


I'm glad.


I feel a little better when I'm with you, Kazuya.

Remembered something

What did you remember?

I remembered something Dad said to me. Since we came back to this mansion, my dad's only been in this room once. I was doing puzzles, and I just kept quiet... And then Dad started talking.

”Do you like doing puzzles, Hideya?“ he asked. ”When I was a kid, I used to forget about everything when I was playing, just like you.” he said.

My dad

I always used to think my dad didn‘t like to talk to me...

An old keepsake

An old keepsake?

Dad told me he forgot all about that old keepsake for a long time. But then he said he suddenly remembered for some reason when Grandpa died. So Dad said it was somewhere in this mansion, something that made him remember when he was a little kid, and happy...

Kazuya, could you help me? Do you think you could find my dad's old keepsake for me? I... I want to see what it is...

Takashi nods and leaves.

Video: Marie's snub.



She's gone off Kazuya a bit.


What's the matter, Marie?


But you're nice to everyone, aren't you...

On my side

I thought you understood me... That's why I felt like I could talk to you about anything...

Gee, Marie...


What do you want to talk about Kanae for?

Her doll

Kanae was gloating when she told me.

"Kazuya found my treasure for me." she said.

Gosh, Marie. . .

I had a treasure I wanted you to find for me, too... I had a treasure that meant a lot to me, too...!

What's your treasure, Marie?

Why should I tell you now?

Marie storms off.


That's Denemon calling out to Kazuya again.

Video: The fourth jigsaw puzzle piece.

Off to the Study.

You can just see a butterfly in this picture.

Kagetani is Takashi's surname.




No, I haven't seen him...


Yes? What is it?

Have you seen Mr. Ihara?

Detective Ihara? I saw him just a little while ago in the back landing.

What's this? The door's open...

Video: Ihara's agony.

Is everything all right?

Oh, it's you...

Just forget about that. What's more important is...

What‘s more important is...?


He was strangled with the well rope.

The person

The person who killed Hideo...?

The culprit must've been a strong young man.

A young man...?

What's the matter?

Uh, nothing...

By the way, Mr. Ihara... Do you mind if I ask you about the woman named Emmy...?


Emmy said Mr. Katagiri wasn't a police detective. What did she mean by that?


Mr. Ihara?

Katagiri is waiting for me in the Grape Room...

What is he hiding?

Marie...Now she's pulled away from me again. I wonder what Marie's treasure could be...?

That old postcard I found in the study... What could it mean...?