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Part 36: 24th October 1929 - 10:00.

We've found Hideo's childhood toy, time to report back to Hideya.

What are you bringing that up now for?

The door is locked, so we can't barge in on them.

Yes. I found it. I found your dad's old keepsake.



Takashi puts the tin train on the table.




Hideya, are you all right?

I'm never going to see my dad again...

Kazuya, do you think my father was ever happy again after he became an adult?

Dad... I'm... I'm not crying...

(Sighs) Poor Hideya.

Takashi turns and leaves.

Well, if you're asking how he's doing at everyone leaving him to cry and grieve alone in his room, Hideya's doing wonderfully.

This is your ring, isn't it, Youko?

Oh...! Where was it?



How did you know it was in Marie’s room?

I knew I was right!

How did you know?

Same could be said to Kanae.

Didn't want to say

It's hard to say things like this about your own family...


If Marie wanted this ring, she should've told me. I would've given it to her.

A certain bad habit

A certain bad habit?

Yes, well... I don't know why, but... sometimes when Marie wants something that belongs to somebody else, she just takes it...

That way

I mentioned this before, right? Marie likes to make up stories and take people's things and hide them. As a mother, it's so difficult to see Marie acting like this...


I'm afraid her mother committing suicide when Marie was little has really disturbed her mind... I just can‘t help but think so...

Why did Yurie commit suicide?

Like I said before, I don't know any of the details.

Someone who knew

Who should I ask...?

I bet Kikuyo or Matsunosuke would know something. But they're both pretty closemouthed, and might not tell you anything...

(Huh? Who's that. . . ?)


At this time of day, Matsunosuke is usually finishing up and heading back to the gardener's room.

Kazuya... you're trying to uncover all the events that have happened here in this mansion, all the things nobody wants to delve into...Am I right?

Takashi walks off.

Hey! That's...!

Could you tell me about something that happened at this mansion?

I don't know nothing! Nothing, I tell you!

Matsunosuke, I think you know about this...

I think Takashi is supposed to be holding the bottle out to Matsunosuke.


How did you know I was going to ask you about Yurie?

Well, I...

I ain't got nothing to say to you!

Matsunosuke lunges and grabs the bottle from Takashi before storming off.


Video: A weight from above.