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Part 37: 24th October 1929 - 11:00.

Got nothing better to do, might as well follow Katagiri around.

So this is Denemon and his wife's room, huh...?




Can't exactly say that was unexpected, but we can always try to visit Ayako, if for no other reason than to annoy Hachiya.

… I'm fine, thank you...

A favour

A favour? What is it?

Please look on the table...


A present from Marie...?

My husband once said, as he was holding that music box...

How Marie felt

How Marie felt...?

My husband always thought people around him closed off their hearts to him. But it wasn't true. All of his children really wanted to get to know him...

Give that music box to Marie... My husband used to love that music box...


Ayako seems tired...

She's in very delicate health.

Shouldn't she see a doctor?

I'll take care of her. Please, don't worry, sir...

A message

What is it?

Detective Ihara wants to see you. Please go to the Grape Room.

He went out. He said he wanted a drink of water. He probably went to the dining hall.

How about Mr. Katagiri...?


Emmy, about Mr. Katagiri...


Mr. Katagiri... isn't a detective, is he?

That's right. Koutarou isn't a detective.

So why is Mr. Katagiri here?

Koutarou came to this mansion for Mr. Ihara.

For Mr. Ihara. . . ?

That's all I'll tell you right now. I don't feel like telling you any more about Koutarou at the moment...